E-signing with Agrello vs Avokaado

Agrello is a contract management and e-signing platform suitable for both personal and business use. Manage and sign documents while saving time on the entire signing process. Agrello provides similar set of e-signing functionalities as other major e-signing platforms nowadays.

Avokaado is a CLM (contract lifecycle management) platform founded in 2016. While it also has e-signing feature, they rely on 3rd parties for signing the documents, as their strength is on the other end of document life-cycle: creation of documents.


Agrello, on the other hand is mostly e-signing platform with limited CLM functionality (document hosting and sharing).  Therefore these products are not directly comparable.

While Avokaado does not have it’s own digital signature technology, Agrello lack many features regarding document creation, editing and lifecycle management.

However, they both allow signing the documents and sending them for signing.

CLM tools are usually a bit pricier than e-signing tools. Avokaado’s pricing starts from €29 per user per month.

Agrello is

  • E-signing platform
  • providing proper PDF e-signature service in the Baltics
  • providing its own digital signature technology
  • cloud-collaboration focused
  • providing fillable documents and bulk creation
  • more affordable for SMEs



  • CLM tool
  • using 3rd party signing technology
  • providing contract creation and management features
  • more expensive



says about itself?

Avokaado is a digital workspace for contract lifecycle management. Create and collaborate on documents from one single platform at every stage of the document lifecycle: clause-based contract automation, drafting based on smart templates, workflow management with digital signing and electronic storing.


main features

  • 100+ pre-lawyered templates
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Document management
  • Document sharing
  • Unlimited signatures
  • Chat support on business days
  • Everything in Starter
  • Collaborative drafting
  • Reminders
  • Dynamic approval process
  • External document upload
  • User roles and usergroups
  • Onboarding support