When in the Baltics, you can e-sign with Agrello or Dokobit

Agrello is a contract management and e-signing platform suitable for both personal and business use. Manage and sign documents while saving time on the entire signing process. Agrello provides similar set of e-signing functionalities as other major e-signing platforms nowadays.

Dokobit is the oldest e-signing platform in the Baltics region, founded in 2008, and launched as a web-based product in 2014.


While Dokobit is strong in adapting to local requirements and providing the widest options of local e-signature formats, it is not quite so evolved in globally accepted PDF-based e-signatures. For example, the user cannot choose where to place the signature field in the document.

Dokobit also does not provide fillable fields feature and bulk-creation feature, that comes out-of-box in case of Agrello.

Dokobit is more advanced than Agrello in complex signing workflows and permissions management (in higher priced subscription packages).

Dokobit’s collaboration features are provided in the higher-priced packages (starting from €16.99/per month per user). In addition to user based pricing, you are also paying for each signature given to your documents (starting from  €0.30 per signature).

Agrello is

  • newcomer to market
  • providing proper PDF e-signature service in the Baltics
  • cloud-collaboration focused
  • providing fillable documents and bulk creation
  • more affordable for SMEs



  • market leader in the Baltics
  • limited in PDF-based e-signing
  • limited in collaboration
  • not providing fillable documents nor bulk creation
  • more expensive



says about itself?

With Dokobit you can sign documents and authenticate users with a variety of eIDs. Dokobit is the first eIDAS certified qualified e-signatures and e-seals validation service provider in the Baltics, offering businesses various SaaS solutions for authentication, signing and validation processes that can easily be integrated into your own systems.

Dokobit supports the variety of eIDs used in Europe, from national ID cards to other notified eID scheme tools such as Mobile ID, Smart-ID and e-Residency in Estonia. Dokobit works in close cooperation with SK ID Solutions AS, and has local presence in Estonia.


main features

Variety of document formats
Sign documents in whatever format you need — from PDF and ASiC-E container to the formats used in the Baltics (BDoc, EDoc and ADoc).

Variety of signing solutions
Sign documents with your preferred eID solution, whether it’s a national ID card, Mobile ID or other. See all supported eIDs.

Signature validation
Check whether signatures from other parties are valid and legally binding.

Address book and contact categories
Save contacts to an address book to easily find them next time you need to share a document.

Multilingual interface
Use Dokobit in English, Estonian, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian or Norwegian.

Search and filter
Filter documents by categories and search to quickly find what you are looking for.

Discuss important topics and leave notes for other signing parties.

Batch actions
Sign, delete or download all selected documents with just one click from a single location.

Secure sharing
Only intended persons who authenticate with an eID matching that person can access documents.

Automatic notifications
Get informed when your signature is needed or when other parties have signed the document.

Audit trail
See all actions performed by the users through a detailed list of events.