Your identity baseddigital signatures

.IDentity based
digital signatures

.ID signatures are based on your true identity, secured by the toughest cryptography and identity verification. Sign any digital document with confidence!
Advanced electronicsignatures anywhere

Advanced electronic
signatures anywhere

.ID signatures can be given anywhere. Your smartphone allows you to sign any file and document anywhere in the world just using your fingerprint.
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What makes our signatures unique?

Why .ID signatures?

Strong digital signatures

.ID platform allows you to upload and store any files for signing. Digital signatures with .ID are strong and based on verified identity. Sign documents and files easily with a click of your pin code or just a thumbprint.

Sign with confidence

.ID platform is using banking grade authentication to secure your files and protect them from intruders. Sign your documents with confidence. As signatures are based on person's verified identity, you always know who actually have signed documents.

Different way for signing

.ID signatures are different from other digital signature solutions on the market. The .ID is not based on a scribbled drawing of your signature placed on a PDF, but the signature is sealed with encrypted code. That makes .ID digital signatures more secure and valid than any other.

.ID technology

We do not tamper with original documents! Our digital signature is like a wrapper around your document, keeping the authenticity and integrity of the document.

Digital signatures  are fully eIDAS compliant advanced electronic signatures. Given signatures are based on your true identity.

Our signature platform stands on the strong digital identity .ID / 'dot id' /, which is created based on the user verification session and stored in the unique digital certificate.

Created .ID account is trusted digital representation of you. In other words .ID account is your digital identity.

To protect you and your digital identity from the misuse and hackers the .ID platform relies solely on the strongest user authentication methods.

Yes, these methods are at the same level or even stronger than the banks are using nowadays.

.ID - unique way to sign your digital documents

Unlike common approaches to digitally sign documents the .ID digital signature is based on your true identity. We provide a unique and secure way to sign any types of your documents.

Our technology is open to any developer and integrator to build borderless networks of trust powered by digital identities and signatures. Take a look at the few examples how .ID can help your business.

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