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Identity verified.

No other popular digital signature service has built-in real person verification solution. We have it, so that you can be absolutely sure that the signature on your agreement will pass any scrutiny in future.

.ID stands for identity

From the very beginning we have believed that the quality of digital identity is the basis for any trust service on the Internet. Nowadays, when remote-work is a norm, we interact with digital identities more than ever. But how can we be sure that the person behind that digital identity is actually who she claim she is?

That's why we have created a reusable digital identity - Verified.ID -that is created based on the real person verification session.

Global support

190+ nationalities, hundreds of different document types.

Fast and convenient

Once you have your government issued document ready, the process can go as fast as 5 minutes to establish your identity.

Done once, use as long as you like

Our unique technology allows re-using the real person verification session data together with your signature as long as you like. It becomes immutable.

How real person identity verification works?

Check the video above and see yourself.
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In a hurry? No problem. We got your basics covered

We understand that you don't always have the time to go through the real person verification process. It's ok. We do our best with Basic.ID then.

It is just as good as any other popular digital signature tool provides - meaning, email or social media profile based digital identity.

Social identity or email based
Your Basic.ID is based on the social media identity or your email.
Super-fast signup
It will take less than minute to get your Basic.ID and you can start using .ID service.

Protecting your identity as if it were ours

As long as you agree with us, that digital identity security is important, we have the best tools available to safe-guard your identity .

Your identity can be secured with 256-bit signature key stored in your personal phone's hardware vault. In simple words - it is the Bitcoin level of protection and it's a way more unlikely to break that key than to guess Bill Gates' personal bank account number with access password.

But it is ok for us, if you choose to protect your identity at the same security level as any other popular digital signature service offers you. With the one caveat - we will never use passwords in .ID service. Just to avoid any potential password leak from our side.

More about security

GDPR compliant

We take privacy and protection of your personal data extremely seriously. You have the full control over the data and we won't share it with anyone without your consent.

Join 35k+ users around the world signing documents with .ID securely and conveniently using their mobile phone.

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