Secure access with .ID to exchange
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Secure access with .ID to exchange

We build the products that empower the digital economy.

We build them with our clients in mind and focusing on facilitating strong business relationships anywhere, anytime with simple but secured digital identity and digital signature solutions.
Strong and secure sign-up button now available on exchange platform. Choose .ID to create and access your account.

Secure access with .ID login button

It is now easy and secure to create your account with .ID to fast growing exchange platform We have teamed up with CoinMetro to enable login button that allows you to access your account with only few clicks.

Choose strong authentication and identity verification based access to keep your account safe. No worries, just sit back and relax while taking care of your most important activities.

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Create your account with .ID

We always bring security first. That is most important to us as a development company. That is why we have created .ID mobile application. Strong identity validation based digital identity right in your pocket. Always within your reach.

Prefer .ID login and sign up option to simple password based options.

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Why should you choose .ID?

.ID application is built upon the strong digital identity, that combines the real person verification and strong authentication methods to provide secure electronic signatures.

Strong digital identity

.ID app uses real time user verification and identity document matching to validate the real person identity. Based on that validation, the unique digital identity certificate is created.

Fully eIDAS compliant

We fully support the EU regulations regarding the formats of advanced electronic signatures. In addition, .ID digital signature supports electronic signature container format (ASICe) acknowledged by the EU as the standard.

Customer centric

While rooted in the cutting edge security and legal compliance, our products focus on the user friendliness and making the high-end security technology accessible for the mass-market usage thanks to simple to use mobile and web apps.

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