Electronic signatures based on your identity
.ID digital signatures

Electronic signatures based on your identity

Sign any digital document in reach of your smartphone.
.ID advanced electronic signatures are based on your verified true identity. That makes it a unique and different way to sign digital documents.
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What makes our signatures unique?

Why .ID Signatures?

Sign any document

.ID platform allows you to sign any type of documents or files. Use our web platform to prepare container with documents and files to be signed and digitally sign with .ID phone application.

Signing is easier than ever. Use your unique pin code or just your fingerprint. It's that easy!

Send files for signing

Invite anyone to sign or view your uploaded documents. There is no need to sign your documents separately. You can collect them all in one container for signing. Then, seal them all with one proper digital signature.

Now with Google add-on you can simply send your documents for signing from Google Docs.

Seal with confidence

Digital signatures with .ID are valid worldwide. With .ID you can be sure that your signed documents are actually sealed. This is because digital signatures done with .ID are based only on person's true identity. That identity is verified by person's government issued document.

All your signed documents can be downloaded using digital signature container format - ASICe.

Different way to sign documents


Create your digital .ID

Get the .ID app and create yourself unique digital .ID account. It is your digital identity within your smartphone.


Upload documents

Go to .ID platform and upload files and documents that you need to be signed.

You can add as many files as you like to the files container. With just one digital signature all these documents will have valid signatures.


Sign and share

Once you have prepared your document for signing or perhaps you have created a container that contains many documents and files to be signed. Then simply give your own signature with .ID and invite others to view or sign the document or collection of files.

We will  send a notification to your .ID mobile app for the confirmation of the digital signature. That way you are always aware of the status of your requests.

How much does it cost?

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.ID Technology

We do not tamper with original documents! Our digital signature is like a wrapper around your document(s), keeping the authenticity and integrity of the document.

Digital signatures  are fully eIDAS compliant advanced electronic signatures. Given signatures are based on your true identity.

Our signature platform stands on the strong digital identity .ID / 'dot id' /, which is created based on the user verification session and stored in the unique digital certificate.

Created .ID account is trusted digital representation of you. In other words .ID account is your digital identity.

To protect you and your digital identity from the misuse and hackers the .ID platform relies solely on the strongest user authentication methods.

Yes, these methods are at the same level or even stronger than the banks are using nowadays.

How it works

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