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Where do I sign?

Right here of course.

We know how long it may take to get all the funding papers signed even if all your investors have already said yes. So let's not overcomplicate the matters that are already quite complex.

Signing made simple

It takes full concentration, unlimited energy, utmost perseverance to succeed with a start up.

Among many challenges the startup faces, finding investors and getting funded is not the easiest. Convincing your investors about your company, chewing through a bunch of legal docs and finally getting everything signed.

This is where we can make your day a bit easier by making the signing process simpler for everyone involved.

Why use .ID for signing process?

We are making complex signing process a breeze while maintaining maximum security.
Signing a document digitally is actually very simple - it can be done using our app or simply over browser. Creating a digital identity for signing takes mere minutes.

Electronic signing is actually even simpler than handwritten signature. With one touch you can sign many files at once. Try that with your ink-pen. Plus, once the document is signed, you can send it around the world instantly. No courier can offer you that kind of speed. And you just saved the trees by going paperless.

Our advanced electronic signature works globally. Anyone from anywhere can now sign securely. And we know the startup investors are the global bunch.

We support identity verification for 190+ countries for hundreds of different ID formats. With our web app or mobile app anyone can sign any document in minutes and you have legally binding contracts always available.

What makes electronic signatures trustful?
In simple terms, it's about how strongly they are connected to the real person issuing the signature.

While differences in local regulations exist, the ultimate principle remains the same - the stronger the bond between the signer and the electronic signature, the more trustful it is.

We have put a lot of emphasis on the trust-levels of our digital signature technology, so that you don't need to worry about it.

Trust is built on the security. We are taking a 360° view on security of digital signing process to ensure that you can focus on what matters most - getting the deal closed.

We work hard to ensure on 3 different dimensions for signing security:

  • Making sure that only authorized persons will have access to the data

  • Guarding the digital identities as if they were our own

  • Providing the top-of-the-class cloud service to keep your documents secured and properly backed up.

Essential features to make signing simpler

Multi-file support

Sign multiple files with one digital signature

Drag and drop multiple files of any digital format to your document to get all of them securely signed at once.

Multiple files support
Bundle many files together into one document to get all of them signed at once
Support for hundreds of formats
You don't need to spend time on converting your cap tables from Excel to PDF just to add them to the main contract. Digital signature is designed to sign securely any file type.
Share and collaborate
You can add reviewers, approvers and witnesses to the document any time.
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One click signature

Sign the document with a click

The simplest way to sign all the files inside the document is by using our web app. Open the doc, and simply click Sign button. That's it.

Ensured document authenticity
Each signature is timestamped, and immutably connected to the digital files it belongs to.
Backed with signer identity
Each signature is uniquely lined to the signer identity data provided either over real person verification process or provided by the signer.
Automatic signatures page
We create signature pages automatically based on the signatures given. The signature page is added to the end of the signed document, or it can be downloaded separately.
Secure cloud storage

All your contracts in one place. Secured and backed up

Our secure cloud storage ensures that your important documents are always safe and backed up. You can securely share the access to the documents to your stakeholders. If you want, you can always grab a document container with digital signatures and store it on your preferred location.

Cloud storage
Industry standard, highly secured could storage for your documents.
Self-sufficient document containers
Industry standard digital signature containers (ASIC formatted) for your local storage and independent signature validation.
Accessible from anywhere
Browse your documents from your desktop or using .ID app anywhere you want.
See for yourself how much easier things can be
secure digital signatures

Immutable advanced electronic signatures

After the signer signs the document, immutable cryptographic bonds are created between signer's identity, each file signed, signing date and signing key.

These connections can be validated independently from our service as all the necessary information is available in ASIC signature containers what you can download any time.

Learn more about our signatures

.ID stands for identity

From the very beginning we have believed that the quality of digital identity is the basis for any trust service on the Internet.

That's why we have created a reusable digital identity - Verified.ID -that is created based on the real person verification session.

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