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Security matters

Trust grows from the security. Our job is to guarantee that you can have a peace of mind in the matters of security.
Dimensions of security

Covering 360° of signing security

Cyber security is never a binary thing to be switched on or off at will. There are countless ways to make oneself vulnerable in cyber world. Therefore we are taking a wholistic view of the security matters.

Security of access
We protect the access to your documents and data.
Security of identity
We safeguard your digital identity.
Security of  data
We ensure that the documents you have created are stored securely.
Security of access

Passwordless authentication

.ID has been passwordless from the very beginning, because we don't trust passwords. Here's why:

Passwords are easy to break
Passwords are easy to break. Phishing, dictionary attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks have become a mainstream vulnerabilities for now.
Passwords are forgotten
For a password to be secure, it must be long, unique for a site and contain special characters. Average user cannot memorize all that and thus they reuse passwords across services. That in turn makes all the connected services vulnerable.
Passwords create single-point-of -failure
Any service that stores user passwords becomes immediately a lucrative target for hackers to gain access to thousands of user passwords. We don't want to be in that position.

So instead of vulnerable passwords we use .ID app or one-time only secret codes sent to your email to authenticate you.

Security of identity

Chain of trust and PKI

We guard your digital identity as if it were our own. Solid protection is achieved by using public key infrastructure (PKI) where only you have the private key that is connected to your identity and can be used for signing.

X509 certificate bound to public key
Each Verified.ID gets a digital certificate signed by us with the public key that only works in combination with your private key, so that the authenticity of the signer can always be validated.
Identity references inside the certificate
After the real person verification, we add verified data to the certificate with the unique identifier to the verification session.
Private key is encrypted in your device
In modern phones we use hardware to protect your private keys (like Secure Enclave on iOS). In addition, the key is encrypted and can only be used if the user enters PIN-code or biometrics to unlock it.
Is the number of digits in your private key.
quattuorvigintillion (78 digit number) possible key combinations exist.
is a number of digits an average person can memorize. Your key is 36x longer than any memorable password.
Security of data

Secure cloud service

Your documents are stored securely on a cloud service, guarded with industry best standard security policies, constant backups and with the high-availability around the world.

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