Secure Digital Identity for the Fintech
.ID Signatures

Unique as you. Your signature.

We create a unique digital signature for each of our users, so that you can sign documents with confidence.

Cryptographic galligraphy

You do not need the PhD to create a strong cryptographic digital fingerprint of your identity. We will do it for you. Beautiful from inside to provide you ultimate identity protection, marvellous from outside matching your unique handwriting style.

You've got the key

Strong digital signature is based on the private-public key pair. You'll get the signature key with your .ID mobile app for secure signing.
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Is the number of digits in your private key.
quattuorvigintillion (78 digit number) possible key combinations exist.
is a number of digits an average person can memorize. Your key is 36x longer than any memorable password.

You've got the style

While security is essential, the first look is unforgettable. That's why we added a visual signature on top of the strong cryptography.

Handwritten signature example
Your visual signature example is connected to your digital identity and attached to each of your digital signings.
Original guaranteed
The authenticity of the visual signature example is protected with cryptographic algorithms.

Immutable signature connections

After you sign the document, immutable cryptographic bonds are created between your identity, each file you signed, signing date and your signing key.

These connections can be validated independently from our service as all the necessary information is available in ASIC signature containers what you can download any time.

Legally binding

Our electronic signatures comply with eIDAS advanced electronic signature standard establishing an immutable link between the user and the signature.
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