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Automated e-signing and contract management for better Logistics

There are many important aspects to the logistics industry, such as speed, transportation, efficiency, paperwork, supply chain, and digitization, but one is outdated: Paperwork. This consists of monotonous tasks like signing invoices, sending invoices, and entering data into documents.
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Smart templates
Save time by creating templates for your frequently used documents.
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Efficient collaboration
Organize your documents into shared folders and make them accessible to other relevant people in the company.
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Quicker preparation
Agrello platform helps to cut down the time spent on formalizing documents.
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Clear overview
Keep an eye on your logistics documents and their signing status at all times on Agrello dashboard.

Automated contract signing process

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It’s all about speed and reliability

The logistics industry is all about speed, but it's also about reliability. Automation reduces risk and enables a flexible remote work environment. Teams can eliminate time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual processes that often result in missed invoices, late payments and fines. With real-time visibility into the state of your business at any time.

All that's required to access a cloud-based e-signing service is a web browser. This allows your employees to continue signing contracts from any location and ensure that the flow of goods, services and money is not interrupted. Logistics professionals can use web access to evaluate and approve contracts and respond to supplier requests whenever and wherever they want.

Ready to be linked with your favourite apps

Nowadays, there are so many different tools you can choose from. Guess how many different tools a logistics specialist uses every day? That's right! A whole lot. Jumping from one tool to another is no longer fun. That's why Agrello lets you eliminate much of the manual effort, from contract creation to electronic signatures.

Agrello readily integrates with other applications. Integration with Zapier allows you to automate processes with your own CRM platform like Pipedrive and other CRP platforms, or technologies like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Dropbox, Slack etc. On the Agrello platform you can create reusable templates with fillable fields and have them automatically populated with data from your own system.
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Benefits for logistics companies

Automating operations that were previously performed manually by employees using paper documents and/or email would undoubtedly reduce costs and increase time efficiency. Agrello is compatible with a wide range of business systems. This allows companies to improve their business processes and collect and analyze data.

Maintaining the flow of operations is critical to the overall performance of logistics companies. The logistics industry will experience increased visibility, efficiency and speed by moving away from paper solutions and automating the way logistics companies operate.

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Automate with your favorite tools

Here are some examples of how you could save valuable time on automating your contract signing process by connecting your favorite tools to Agrello.
Automate your flow with Agrello and Zapier integration
Connect with Pipedrive
Automate your signing process with the popular sales tool Pipedrive.
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Connect with Google Drive
Simplify contract preparation and contract storing with Google Drive automation.
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Connect with Sheets
Automate contract preparation
with Google Sheets and
save time.
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Contract signing automation is suitable for everyone

Every business has its own challenges when it comes to the digital signing process and contract management. Thanks to its versatile architecture, Agrello can be used in all kinds of industries.
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Automate Sales contracts
Learn how your sales team can benefit from Agrello by automating the signing process.
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Automate HR contracts
Discover how your HR team can simplify the signing of hundreds of employment contracts.
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Automate Legal contracts
Create simple automation to save time and avoid manual document preparation.
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