Case study: Creating contracts based on a booking system

This Case Study article will give an overview of how Agrello can be used with forms, more specifically with a booking system.

Learn how Agrello created a contract-based booking system to streamline the process of booking services and managing contracts.


The company we focus on in this case study is Pidula WakePark, located in Saaremaa. It's currently one of the best wakeparks in the Baltic and Nordic countries, and also allows organising international competitions in Estonia. The water park is located on two ponds, which are right next to each other, so the spectators can comfortably watch the competitions.

The problem

In the high season, the wake park is very crowded. Due to Estonian weather conditions, the high season is short and there are many customers.

From June to August about 300 people visit the wake park per month, so the park staff has no time to take care of the paperwork. Before you can use the wake park, every customer has to sign the wake park terms of use. Printing out contracts, signing them on paper, and later managing the signed documents was a headache.

Therefore, the park's manager Janet Väärtnõu was looking for an easier and faster way to sign contracts with customers. In addition, some people visit the wake park frequently and it doesn't make sense to sign a new contract every time.

Therefore, the signed contracts have to be organized and stored in a way that they can be easily retrieved when needed.

The solution

Pidula WakePark uses an online booking system where customers can select and book a suitable time on their website. The most effective solution was to integrate Agrello and the booking system through Zapier so that customer information was automatically included in the terms of service template and there was a way for the customer to sign it digitally.

A screenshot of the Pidula Wakepark booking form that uses Agrello document templates.

The process looks like this: After the customer enters his data in the booking form, he receives an invitation to sign a document on their e-mail. When he opens the invitation, he must log in to the Agrello platform and digitally sign the document using Smart ID, Mobile ID or Agrello Signature.

All these documents are stored in the Wakepark space on Agrello platform and the name of the document is automatically the name of the customer. In this way, it's possible to easily search the documents. In addition, the Agrello dashboard gives Wakepark a good overview of which customers have already signed the terms of use and which haven't.



Agrello isn't only for signing traditional contracts with multiple parties, but is also suitable for converting client forms into contracts. Janet from Pidula WakePark approached Agrello on her own initiative and from the first contact it took only 10 days to set up a working solution.We also have plans for the next wake park peak season in 2023 that we plan to implement together. For example, Janet has identified the need to sign contracts on the spot by scanning a QR code that opens the customer form and the person can sign it immediately.

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