Digital identities, authentication and signatures
.ID platform

Digital identities, authentication and signatures

.ID platform provides you features to verify user identities during on-boarding, enable strong customer authentication and digitally sign documents.

Building the chain of trust

When business moves online, more transactions are conducted between parties who never meet face-to-face.

Business is going digital day-by-day with all the deals and transactions are done online. It also means that identity related risks are increasing. Digital identity and trust services are becoming crucial for the new era of online business.
Digital fraud, cyber attacks, and identity theft risks are growing with online business and they are becoming a recurring theme in corporate digital strategies' risk assessments.

.ID platform that helps to address risks

Provide tools to establish real identity of users.
Offer digitally signed documents, strong customer authentication in order to increase trust.
Boost customer engagement and decrease churn rates.

.ID platform stands on three pillars

Digital identity
.ID platform provides digital identity verification, starting from the user’s self-declared identity and ending with government issued electronic identities.
Strong customer authentication
.ID platform’s customer authentication solutions provide secure and flexible methods focusing on reducing of friction while maintaining the security.
Digital signature
.ID platform provides eIDAS compliant digital signatures for any type of digital documents. With .ID digital signatures you can secure agreements and transactions, verify signatories, make sure that original documents are valid.

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