API for advanced digital identity services
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API for advanced digital identity services

Build your own secure applications enhanced with strong digital identity and digital signatures.

How does .ID platform API work?

The .ID platform API is a collection of endpoints that help you to connect any web or mobile applications with advanced digital identity services.

With .ID platform API you can

On-board customers and perform real person validation
Provide strong 2FA based log in to your website
Get documents signed within your own app or website
Sign or send documents out for signature or review within your product
Confirm transactions
Check the status of your documents and transactions

.ID platform API enables you to

Expand the functionality of your existing product with signing and user digital onboarding, secure 2FA authentication and identity verification features.
Complete control over your customer journey and data.
Automate and optimize routine processes
Collect customers detailed information and verify their personality
Ensure that you are dealing with legitimate individuals

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