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Digital signatures based on verified identity

How is Agrello digital signature different from all the other digital signature platform providers out there?

The Agrello digital signature is based on a real person identity. In order to sign a document with Agrello, both parties must verify their real identity with a government issued document.
Signing any document is done with a few clicks on your smartphone.

Get things signed faster

Get things signed in minutes with smartphone in your pocket. Sign easily with PIN code or biometric.

Stay secure and compliant

The Agrello platform relies exclusively on the strongest methods or user authentication.

Reduce costs

Electronic signature significantly reduce the resources, time and cost associated with traditional paper.
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Sign with confidence, anywhere!

Sign, store and share documents for signing maintaining industry-leading security and compliance standards.

With Agrello the parties can sign contracts, invoices, agreements, any files and documents from anywhere. There is no need to meet up and sign paper documents. The Agrello digital signatures are available on any device and any screen.

Everything you need to ensure your signatures are secure, legally binding and suitable for daily needs

Whether you are working as freelancer, just an individual or running a business, the Agrello advanced digital signature solution has everything you need.
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Suitable for all departments

Find out how can each sector or industry benefit from the Agrello digital signatures.

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Keep your signature key protected in your phone by downloading the Agrello app.
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