Embedded contract e-signing solution

We make it super easy for online marketplaces to create, embed and manage dynamic platform contracts in your own trusted platform.

And how? Agrello provides you with an easy-to-embed e-signature environment that is compatible with any web platform.
e-signature for busy people
Smartest "Sign" button you can get

How it works for you?

The really brilliant thing about this solution is that setting up Agrello's e-signature platform in your own trusted online environment is easier than you imagine.

You simply create your contract template or Agrello provides it for you. You take the embeddable code and paste it into your online environment where you want the signature dialog to appear.

Now you have a strong signature solution in your own online presence that your customers trust. Agrello's e-signature solution simply works in the background, seamlessly.
Sign in 3 easy steps
At least 5x faster

What your customers see?

After you embed the e-signing option into your own web environment, your customers won't even realize that the contract signing is done through Agrello.

The entire signing process will take place within your brand environment, which your customers are familiar with and trust. No more setting up accounts with third-party e-signing vendors and wondering how long it'll really take to sign a contract.

Your customer sees the contract preview, clicks the "Sign" button, and immediately receives the signed copy of the contract.

And all this without leaving your website. That's truly awesome!

Full power of contract signing

Cloud storage. You don't have to worry about storing signed contracts. We store all your contracts securely in Agrello Secure Cloud.

Contracts are arranged and categorized in different Spaces. You've full access to these Spaces to view and share the contracts with your colleagues or third parties.

Choose the strength of the signature. Agrello gives you access to simple e-signature (confirmed by email), advanced e-signature (signed via the Agrello app) and identity-based e-signature (verified by a government document).

Speed up your work

Safe, secure, and legal

Benefits of using Agrello's embedded contracts

Benefit more for the value. There's no upfront cost to develop a suitable electronic contract signing system. Integration is much easier and cheaper than using backend-to-backend APIs. Lower operational and maintenance costs.
Reduce risks. Properly signed and time-stamped contracts to avoid disputes. Third party security for non-repudiation and audit trail. Independent storage of all contracts signed through your platform.
Increase transparency. Present the full text of the contract within your own trusted processes. Both parties receive their own signed copy. Allow your auditors or stakeholders easy access to contracts.

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Thousands of people from across the world are already enjoying the benefits of our easy-to-use system. Whether you want to save time, save money, or simply need a secure digital signing solution, choose Agrello.
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