The fastest way to correctly filled and signed contracts

We enable uninterrupted signing workflows with properly completed contracts for fast-paced sales teams by providing easy-to-create dynamic contract forms and a strong electronic signature environment.
e-signature for busy people
No more back-and-forth problems

How it works for you?

All you need to do is create a contract template in the most popular text editor Word.

Mark the fields where you expect values with {{curly brackets}} to finalise and automate your contract template.

When you upload your template file to Agrello, you'll get a beautifully designed signature page where parties can quickly fill in all the required fields and sign the document within seconds.
Sign in 3 easy steps
At least 5x faster

What your customers see?

Your clients will see a signature page that Agrello has automatically created for you according to the Word document template you uploaded.

The signature page contains a simple form where your customer must fill in the fields you require. These fields are automatically filled in the correct places in the contract.

This way you always have a correctly filled out contract with data in the right places. You no longer have to send contracts back and forth. All your customer has to do is fill out the form and sign it.

Full power of contract signing

Cloud storage. You don't have to worry about storing signed contracts. We store all your contracts securely in Agrello Secure Cloud.

Contracts are arranged and categorized in different Spaces. You've full access to these Spaces to view and share the contracts with your colleagues or third parties.

Choose the strength of the signature. Agrello gives you access to simple e-signature (confirmed by email), advanced e-signature (signed via the Agrello app) and identity-based e-signature (verified by a government document).

Speed up your work
At least 5x faster

Safe, secure, and legal

At Agrello, we take security very seriously. That’s why we protect your documents, data, and identity with the industry’s best standard security policies.

Our cutting-edge system also meets all the requirements set out in eIDAS Regulation, UETA, ESIGN and Electronic Communications Act. This means that signatures collected through Agrello are valid and legally binding. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be hard to manage your documents!

Benefits of using Agrello's dynamic contracts

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Faster turnaround time. Less time spent on time-consuming formatting tasks. No more sending contracts back and forth to be constantly corrected.
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Reduce risks. With Agrello's dynamic contracts, the client knows exactly what to do. Simply fill in the blanks and sign. All contracts are stored securely in the Agrello secure cloud.
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Focus on what's really important. Focus on your most important business tasks and core competencies where you can create the most value.

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