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Agrello digital ecosystem

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ID and sign

Agrello ID is a next-generation cryptographically secured digital identification solution supported by an advanced identification process

Agrello ID registration process requires a valid government-issued document, such as an ID card, passport or a driving license, and access to the user’s device camera and microphone with more than 200 countries supported

Agrello ID app - KYC

Identification step

It involves the user taking pictures and taking video of themselves holding their identity document

The identification process is then using the captured images, video stream, user location, and device fingerprint to ensure the authenticity of the application and minimize chances of fraud. The process also implies manual verification where alerts are raised during the registration to ensure the high level of identity proofing. Once granted, the Agrello ID is stored in the blockchain to ensure immutability

Agrello ID app - Signature

Signature keys

Having passed user verification you create a 6 digit signature code which you use to authorize actions or sign agreements

These codes use state of the art threshold encryption to ensure the highest security possible. Once you’ve used Agrello signature to sign a contract the server computes a hash based on your signature and signed agreement using algorithms and places it into the blockchain

Agrello ID

Try our Agrello ID application to create your own Agrello ID, available in store now

Template Library

Our Template Library is a platform where your local community of legal experts share best practice contract templates

The platform ensures high standards of legal practice through reputation and review mechanisms. Users pay a fee to the creator of the successful contract template, thus creating a strong system of incentive. Users can find appropriate templates there and use them to create their contracts

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