Use cases: HR

Automate your employment contracts

With Agrello, you can handle the whole signing process online. No more printing. No more scanning. No more emailing.

Plus, it’s scalable. You can generate hundreds of contracts automatically and sign and distribute them all within minutes.
Save time
Embrace the future of contract generation that meets all of your HR requirements. That way you will not just save valuable time but also have work processes less prone to human error.
Automation ensures that contracts are seamless, consistent, and error-free, while also reducing costly legal risks and unforeseen disputes.
With Agrello’s contract automation and e-signing platform, you can quickly and securely send offer letters, NDAs, NCAs, employment contracts, and other onboarding materials for signing.
Our platform allows companies to expand without having to deal with additional costs for onboarding professional expertise. Save time and resources by automating contract signing processes.

Automated contract signing process

Remove manual work

It can take a long time to get a contract approved by hundreds of company employees, especially if you're working with people from multiple departments. The faster and further your company grows - and we’re sure that’s where you’re heading - the more employment contracts need to be updated.

Setting up approval workflows can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend chasing down signatures from each and every employee. You can use Agrello to automate approval workflows and send reminders for when a contract is due for signatures.

We simplify the process of creating, negotiating, and completing the contract from start to finish. Once the contract has been approved, you can quickly obtain signatures using our e-signature service. All signatures are secure and legally binding.

Connect with your own tools

Every company has its own tools in place and learning to use new software is annoying. To make your life easier it is possible to integrate your favorite tools with Agrello using Zapier.

Integration with Zapier lets you automate workflows with your own CRM platform like Pipedrive or tools like Slack, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Dropbox, etc.

You can also create reusable templates with fillable fields on Agrello platform and get them filled in automatically with data from your own system!

Benefits for HR

We believe that our contract automation and e-signing platform is especially useful for HR departments that need to prepare and sign employment contracts on a large scale. After all, the content of employment contracts, NDAs, and onboarding materials rarely changes. 

By automating these documents you can speed up the document preparation process, avoid human error, and effortlessly collect digital signatures from the appropriate stakeholders.

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