Automate contract process using Zapier

Agrello Zapier integration allows you to connect hundreds of different tools to Agrellos e-contracting platform taking the document automation one step further.

You can create documents based on the triggers from other software, fill in the document templates from the data flowing from your CRMs, or spreadsheets or automatically upload files for signing from your cloud storage. These are just a few examples of automations that can be accomplished using Agrello Zapier integration.

Before your start

Before starting Zapier integration with Agrello, make sure that you have created an Agrello account.

How to create a new Zap

If you have not created a Zapier account yet, you can get it for free from here. Once that is done, you can start creating your first Zap.

Each Zap consists of the trigger and action at minimum. 

  • Trigger is the event in one app. If that event happens the Zap is activated and it performs the action as of next.
  • Action is the command that is given to second app, using the data from the trigger.

Step 1. Click “Create Zap”

Create New Zap

Click on a Create Zap button and then name your new automation.

create new zap
name your zap

Step 2. Choose your trigger app and configure the trigger

The Zap contains usually the trigger app and the action app. If you want some app to do something in the Agrello app, then you need to start selecting that app as a trigger.

Choose your trigger event and follow the prompts to connect your accounts.

find a zap

Step 3. Choose an action app

Choose your Action App. Then choose your action.

After that, you can configure the specific action parameters.

create template

What you can do with Agrello with Zapier?

With Zapier integrations you can create almost unlimited workflows. From Agrello’s side you can:

  • Create a document from the file created by another app
  • Create a document using template stored in Agrello, using the data from the other app
  • Let other app know when someone has given one signature to the document
  • Let other app know when document is fully signed, with sending a signed document to another app

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