Create a document from the file created by another app

“Create document” action allows you to connect Agrello to other app and receive a file from it and then create a document.

Before starting

Make sure that the app that triggers this action is capable of sending the file or making it accessible over the public URL.

Action configuration

Choose Create document from the action configuration dialog and click Continue. 

Choose event

Note! First time users need to authorize Zapier to use your Agrello account. Log in and then grant the permissions.

After that you can now finalize the configuration of Create Document action.

Finalize confiuration

  • Choose a workspace where you want the document to be
  • Choose a folder where to send the document
  • Define the document name
  • Define output type (PDF or ASIC container)
  • And finally provide the URL from where Zapier can obtain the file.

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