How to be reminded about expiring contract?

While managing different tasks and handling large amount of contracts, it's important to keep yourself on top of things.

Reminders is a good way to highlight different relevant deadlines or tasks related to a certain contract. For example, if a contract needs to be updated, renewed or signed by a certain date. By setting custom reminders, you can get an email about something that needs to be done.

Please note that Agrello reminders are currently solely for personal purposes. Only you will see the reminder note and only you will receive the e-mail notification.

Let's learn how to set reminders on Agrello

  1. Reminders are available at the left sidebar menu in the document details view. Click on the bell icon.
  1. Click on the green "Add reminder" button to add reminders.
  2. Choose a date, when you want to be reminded.
  3. Add a note about the action that needs to be reminded. This note will be included in the email you'll receive at the given date.

add reminder

5. Press confirm and the reminder is set.

m reminders

6. Deleting a reminder is easy. Just press the trash bin button behind the reminder and confirm.

reminder confirmation screen

All done. You will receive an e-mail notification at the date you set. 

reminder email

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