August 5, 2022

10 reasons to choose Agrello as a contract management solution

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10 reasons to choose Agrello as a contract management solution

In this article we will look at the aspects you should consider when choosing an eSignature solution, the reasons why Agrello could be a suitable partner for your company, and how you can save more time on valuable tasks and less on paperwork.

Digital contract management is a topic that comes up in every company. The load of documents in different fields of work can vary, but most likely every business needs to handle employment contracts, NDA-s, some kind of sales or service contracts and so on. All of these documents need to be prepared, sent out for signing, then digitally signed and stored in a secure place. Document management can easily create a mess, specially if there isn’t one designated department or person dealing with the documents and many employees need to be involved with preparing and getting the documents signed.

It is important to find a tool that is convenient and efficient for managing the entire contract lifecycle. By contract lifecycle we mean contract preparation, editing, collaboration between parties, sharing the contract within the team and with external partners, digital signing, and post-signing contract management, such as contract storage and organization. There are many tools on the market that offer document management, and also many tools that handle digital signing, such as DocuSign, PandaDoc, Adobe, SignEasy, eSignGenie, etc. In this article we will look at the aspects you should consider when choosing an eSignature solution, the reasons why Agrello could be a suitable partner for your company, and how you can save more time on valuable tasks and less on paperwork.

1. Accessible and user-friendly

Nowadays, accessibility and usability are qualities that are a essential for a good service. Each new tool brings along a change in processes and most employees tend to fight against it and if on top of that the service is not user friendly, then internal implementation can be an endless struggle. Therefore it is important that taking on a new tool would go effortlessly.

At Agrello we always try to put the user in the center and build the product around him. That's why it's very easy to create an account with us - all you need is an email address. There is no password that you need to remember. Every time you want to sign in to Agrello, you will receive an email confirmation to authenticate the login.

Since your contractor may not be familiar with the eSignature service you have selected for signing, it is important that the signing process goes smoothly.

2. Everything in one environment

complete your document signing solution with Agrello

Too many tools can become a problem in a company because introducing a new tool always involves a learning curve until everything works. That's why the principle here is: less is more. At Agrello we offer you the possibility of completing all stages of the contract signing process in the same environment, from contract preparation to signing and storage. You do not even have to use Microsoft Word or send emails back and forth, we have got it all covered.

3. Flexible signing methods

Currently, there are 4 signing methods available on Agrello platform. Smart-ID, ID-card and Mobile- ID are available in the Baltic States and provide the ability to add a qualified digital signature to a document. If you have one of these methods, we recommend you to use it. In all other cases, we offer you the Agrello signature, which is available to everyone and creates a simple digital signature in accordance with the EIDAS regulation. Agrello signature is best suited for cross-border contracts and the signed document is provided as a PDF file.

4. Different document types according to your needs

While starting a document, the user must select in which format the output of the signed document should be. On Agrello we support ASIC container and PDF formats. Before choosing a format, you should evaluate who are the parties that need to sign the agreement, as the available signing methods depend on it. ASIC containers can only be signed using Smart- ID and Mobile- ID. If you already know that your contracting party does not have one of those, you must choose PDF format, otherwise, they will not be able to sign. Depending on the document type, there are also limitations on the number of files - the PDF format supports only one file in text format that is converted to a PDF, but the ASIC container allows you to add multiple files in different formats that will be signed all at once.

5. Reusable contract templates

documents and variables

To reduce the time spent creating contracts, you can create reusable templates with dynamic variables from your most frequently used contracts. Since Microsoft Word is the most commonly used tool for preparing documents, we have developed a special markup language that allows you to create dynamic fields at a specific location in the text of your document. These fields can later be filled in Agrello every time you start a new document, or they can be assigned to your contractor. This way you do not need to use Microsoft Word, copy a new document, edit information, save it, and then upload it every time. To create dynamic fields, all you need to do is use {{curly_brackets}}. These brackets are not visible within the document, they just indicate where the field is before it is filled in. Give these fields an understandable name, such as {{Company_Name}}, {{Register_Code}}, etc. Read more about how to create dynamic templates with Microsoft Word.

6. Convenient teamwork

The execution of a contract requires collaboration within the company and also with customers and partners. On Agrello we have created shared spaces where you can sort documents and give access to your colleagues or partners. Each member of the space has access to the documents and can edit and sign them according to their rights.

In addition to collaborating in team spaces, you can also assign dynamic variables for your partner to fill in with correct information before signing the document. They also have access to the document after signing, so we eliminate two points that normally require email communication.

7. Secure storage

After a document is signed, there is always the question of how to store it. Sometimes an important document gets lost in the mailbox. To avoid this, most people store their documents in cloud storage services or on their hard drives. With Agrello, you do not have to worry about storage. Your documents remain safely stored in our cloud and you can access them online from anywhere. You can also use spaces to organize and share your documents.

8. Integrations

zapier integration

Instead of learning new tools, it's more efficient to make the most of the tools you already use. With Agrello, you can create integrations to the tools you use every day through Zapier, creating more efficient workflows. For example, using the Google Sheets integration with Agrello, you can automatically create documents with the information you have collected in Google Sheets. This way, you only have to collect and enter the information once, instead of manually copying the same data into a contract template. Read more about Google Sheets integrations, also about Pipedrive integrations in these tutorial articles.

9. Mobile friendly

Agrello is oriented to provide a seamless and user-friendly mobile user experience. By using Agrello on your mobile web browser, you can keep up with your contract-related processes even when you are on the go. You can also view and sign time-sensitive documents without the need of having a computer at hand.

10. Personal approach

If the first nine points were not enough for you, we emphasize that the success of our customers is very important to us. If your company is looking for a suitable digital signature solution or needs help using Agrello, we are here for you and open to further pilot projects. Book a demo with us or reach out to us and let us talk about it. In the meantime, check out how our pilot project with an investment company called Leguar Capital went.


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