October 14, 2022

3 success stories: How to get contracts signed faster?

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3 success stories: How to get contracts signed faster?

In the past, we have covered various topics related to sales contracts, starting with why you should sign sales contracts in the first place and ending with ways of automating them. Every company has its own idea of what the contract process should look like from start to finish. In this article, we present three unique success stories from different perspectives that show, how Estonian companies have improved their contract-related processes with the help of Agrello. The main focus remains on contract preparation, collecting digital signatures and storing signed contracts.

HUUM: Renewing over 100 contracts at once

When a large number of contracts need to be renewed at once, this can become a real problem, because preparing and sending hundreds of documents requires hours of manual work. In the case of a contract renewal, the customer information has already previously been collected, thus to renew many contracts at once, the existing information should be used effectively. Contract templates are usually standardised so that contract preparation can be automated.

Estonian company HUUM faced the same problem when they had to renew over 100 contracts in different sales regions. HUUM is a renowned manufacturer of design sauna heaters, with vendors selling their innovative sauna solutions in 23 countries all over the world.

Depending on the sales region, they had to prepare 3-4 contract templates that were uploaded to Agrello and transformed into fillable templates. Using Agrello’s bulk creation functionality, client data was extracted from Excel files and sent directly to correct fillable fields, thus creating many contracts at once. Contracts can be reviewed before sending them out for signing. Signing the contracts is convenient for both Estonian clients who can use local methods of signing such as ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID and also for foreign partners, who can rely on Agrello signature.

Horeca Service: Saving time from contract preparation

The most time-consuming part of contracting process is the preparation part, especially when there is a high volume of contracts that need to be signed. Horeca Service OÜ is an Estonian company whose main customers are hotels, restaurants, and catering, hence the name HoReCa. The company's main mission is to provide all these customers with high-quality products, from meat and dairy products to a variety of exotic fruits. A Member of the board at Horeca Service, Raul Vaet, described the problem as follows: "The number of contracts that Horeca has to process on a daily basis is large, and we needed to speed up and simplify this process. We also need an overview of which contracts are in which state, who's signed, etc." Horeca has a large and active customer base with diverse needs. The current process, where documents were created manually on Microsoft Word, saved and sent for signing via e-mail was too time-consuming and slow. They also lacked a good overview of the contract status and a system to manage and organise the documents. Because Horeca Service has multiple frequently used contract templates, the company was a suitable customer for using Agrello templates.

We helped Horeca convert their existing Microsoft Word contract templates into Agrello templates by using a special markup language with curly brackets in the places that need to be filled in. Once these templates are uploaded to the Agrello platform, they can be easily reused to create new documents, and the entire contract creation process now takes place in a single environment.

The sales team creates a new contract from the template according to the service area and fills in the customer information on the Agrello platform. Then the contract is sent to the Horeca board member and the customer representative for signing.

The entire contract process is now conveniently managed in a single environment. Compared to the previous process, they've saved a lot of time by using Agrello. They're also pleased with Agrello's dashboard view and getting an instant overview of the signing status.

Pidula WakePark: Creating contracts based on a booking system

In addition to effective sales work, it’s important for some businesses to protect themselves by taking the consent of the customer prior to providing services. The consent to terms and conditions has to be documented and accessible upon need. One such example is Pidula WakePark, that offers the opportunity to wake for both beginners and professionals.

From June to August about 300 people visit the wake park per month, so the park staff has no time to take care of the paperwork. Before you can use the wake park, every customer has to sign the wake park terms of use. Printing out contracts, signing them on paper, and later managing the signed documents was a headache.

Pidula WakePark uses an online booking system where customers can select and book a suitable time on their website. The most effective solution was to integrate Agrello and the booking system through Zapier so that customer information was automatically included in the terms of service template and there was a way for the customer to sign it digitally. All these documents are stored in the Wakepark space on Agrello platform and the name of the document is automatically the name of the customer. In this way, it's possible to easily search the documents. In addition, the Agrello dashboard gives Wakepark a good overview of which customers have already signed the terms of use and which haven't.


These short overviews of success stories can give you a hint and inspiration of how you can make contracting faster in various business fields. If none of these stories match your needs, then send us the description of your process and we’ll figure out a way to help you save time from contract preparation and collecting signatures.


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