January 19, 2023

A guide for HR specialists: How to get through yearly salary review without a hassle

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A guide for HR specialists: How to get through yearly salary review without a hassle

Yearly salary review is approaching and if thinking about the hectic process of updating hundreds of documents makes you anxious, then you must be an HR specialist. Congratulations! You are at the right place, here at Agrello we can give you tips on managing the load of documents more efficiently. Keep on reading to find out how.

People and digital documents

What are the main issues of yearly salary review?

In bigger companies it’s a routine task that employment contracts get reviewed at least once a year. This includes employee compensation review and updating personal data that may have changed during the past year. Some companies need to follow different standards and comply with them at all cost, thus keeping job descriptions updated is also very important. As an HR specialist you need to be on top of these things, keep track of everything and get the contracts updated and signed in time.

If the company has a lot of employees then the first issue is the large amount of contracts that need to be reviewed and updated. Second problem is the process and the fact that it’s probably done manually. Starting from drafting the contracts and updating data manually, then sending for signing separately to each employee and collecting the signatures. Before covid it’s likely that these contracts were still concluded on paper, but now that a lot of employees stay at home office most of the time, a digital solution comes in handy. The main points how Agrello can help improve the process are by using Agrello templates for all HR related documents, utilising bulk creation functionality and pre-filling many documents at once according to data from an excel sheet and finally sending them out for signing at once.

Documents signing

Create hundreds of documents at once

Agrello bulk creation functionality helps you create many documents onto the same template and pre-fill all the data according to an excel sheet. For this to work, you need to prepare the employment contract on Microsoft Word and use curly brackets to mark dynamic fields, which will later be fillable on Agrello web platform. You also need all the relevant data on an excel sheet. As a rule, it is possible to extract data in Excel form from various older personnel programs that are not compatible with the new solutions and then use them for bulk creation. If it is not possible to get all the data on the same Excel page right away, it is recommended to compile a suitable file from different Excel tables.

Employment contracts often differ based on departments or positions, and in this case several different contract templates must be prepared and the data of different employees must be kept on separate Excel sheets based on the contract template.

Let your employee fill in their personal data

If you are not sure whether the employee's personal data has changed during the year - for example, whether they have moved or gotten married. Instead of specifying this data separately, you can assign fields to an employee for filling in on the Agrello platform. In this case, the document cannot be signed until all the fields are filled. In order for everything to go smoothly, the company's representative can be the last signer, and start signing a few days after the documents are sent out, giving the employee reasonable time to complete the contract and sign it.

A clear overview of the status of employment contracts

Notifications provide a better overview of the entire process. The document owner receives a notification for each signing, and the progress of the contract can be seen from the desktop view. It is no longer necessary to keep track of the signatures in a separate Excel table, because there is a direct overview of the entire process. Successfully signed contracts move to the "Signed" status, and contracts not yet signed are nicely visible in the "In Progress" column. If necessary, the HR specialist can remind the parties to sign and thus collect all signatures on time. In Agrello, it’s possible to give a qualified digital signature using Smart-ID or Mobile-ID applications or sign with Agrello signature. Before using Agrello signature for signing employment contracts, make sure that a simple electronic signature is acceptable for this case.


By using the above mentioned functionalities, it is possible to reduce the proportion of manual work in the process of renewing employment contracts and thereby reach the result faster. The annual headache and anxiety will be avoided, and the resource can be used for more important tasks. Agrello is not only designed to optimize such a bulky process as the annual renewal of employment contracts. In addition, it can be used throughout the year for more convenient signing of employment contracts with new employees, because you only spend time on contract template preparation once and it will be available on Agrello platform to create new contracts based on it. Signing and storage are also parts of the contract lifecycle that are conveniently available in one designated environment, so the time win is guaranteed.


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