Advanced electronic signatures for law firms and lawyers
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Advanced electronic signatures for law firms and lawyers

Depending on the size of your law firm, the processes to streamline and the budgets they have, the focus of innovation process might be different. One of the most convenient processes to streamline as a law firm is the signing process of agreements. By introducing electronic signing every lawyer will step up their game and make a difference. First of all, lawyers will provide added value to their clients, who will no longer have to chase signatures on physical paper. The signing software will do it, digitally, securely and globally. All that within minutes.
October 6, 2020

Signing deals and agreements on paper and managing documents with physical files are both cumbersome and old fashioned. With .ID digital signature solution law firms and lawyers can handle any signing flow in a digital form as well as have easy access and full control of the documents.

Digitising activities is an important task for most companies nowadays. Especially for law firms and lawyers who are dealing with documents and signatures basically on daily basis. It is correct to say, this is the new language of businesses who want to stay ahead in vast competition, cut costs and make processes faster. Fast, easy and secure are the keywords everybody is prioritising. Focus has to be also on customer user journey, when it takes only a few moments to get started and it saves time and money.

New level of digital signature security and authenticity

All digital signature solutions such as DocuSign, HelloSign, PandaDoc, Eversign, Adobe and many others aim towards the same goal, to help digitally sign documents and turn paperwork into a digital experience. Although, there are different functionalities, fundamentals and pricing. Choosing the suitable solution for law firms and lawyers can be a struggle and it often is. All solutions are aiming towards stronger security to shift users prefer take their document signing into digital form.

Fundamentally different approach to digital signatures

.ID digital signature solution is very different from all other digital solution providers out there. And there is a fundamental reason for that.

The most important difference is that .ID digital signature is based on a real person identity. Going in more details, it means that both parties signing an agreement, contract or any document in a digital form have to be actually verified. In fact, identity verification is part of the validation process in .ID digital signature solution. Identity verification requires government issued document. The whole procedure happens seamlessly within a few clicks on a smartphone.

Therefore, parties signing with .ID are always aware who is the real person behind the signature. And that is the true value for both parties signing valuable documents.

Legally binding digital signatures globally

A digital signature is as legally binding as a signature placed with ink on paper. That is the main concern for most to understand how strong and secure is digital signature and it's not only about some drawing on paper. Digital signatures with .ID are valid all over the world.

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