March 18, 2022

Automate the contract creation workflow with Agrello and Pipedrive integration

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Automate the contract creation workflow with Agrello and Pipedrive integration

After we introduced Zapier integrations with Agrello, there are endless ways you can make the most of our services by connecting our platform to other apps. To help you get started with the neatest hacks, we will put together a series of use cases, starting with Pipedrive.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a popular all-in-one sales platform for revenue growth, which enables you to set up your pipeline, track progress and automate growth. If you are already using Pipedrive, then this article will come in handy, as we aim to help you automate the creation of contracts based on your Pipedrive deal data and getting them signed with Agrello.

Connect Pipedrive to Agrello

The automation we are focusing on here is the workflow that sends data from Pipedrive to Agrello. For example, we want to automate signing NDA files that are filled with the data from Pipedrive. To start, you need to have working accounts in both Pipedrive and Agrello. Since we want to send data from Pipedrive to Agrello, then we need to pick Pipedrive as the first and Agrello as the second app.

create new document from a template in Agrello

Now you need to select the trigger and action in a form like “When this happens” → “Then do this”. For example, every time you reach a certain stage in your Pipedrive deal, you could automatically create a contract by using a pre-made template on Agrello. There are many actions that can trigger the creation of documents in Agrello, but for this example, we will choose the “Updated Deal stage”. And accordingly on  Agrello we choose “Create New Document From a template”.

While connecting the apps you need to specify the exact stage in Pipedrive, when the trigger will be activated. In our case we will choose “Contract signing”.

pipedrive integration

Next up you need to select a template on Agrello, that you have already created and want to use for this automated workflow. Read more about setting up templates here and here. In our case we want to automate the workflow for signing an NDA.

template id

An optional, but recommended step is to select a designated space, where you want to store all the documents that will be created as a result of this automated workflow.

space id

It is important to choose the fields on Agrello’s side in the template that you want to get filled in with the data from Pipedrive. Accordingly, you need to map fields on Pipedrive side that are correct for you. After these steps are completed - test, test, test!

select fields
map fields

It may take a while to set up, but the time you will save by having an automated workflow and avoiding the manual process of preparing and filling out these NDA or other documents will make up for it.

We encourage you to try it out and we are always available to help with your specific use case.


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