Benefits of digital signatures for construction companies
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Benefits of digital signatures for construction companies

In the construction industry, the mobility of specialists is quite dense. For each new construction site and each new project, the team of specialists can vary. It is therefore extremely important to keep the employment contracts in order. Before starting work, the work contracts must be properly drawn up.
October 22, 2020

Whether it is a smaller family business or a larger construction company, the construction industry is an area where contracts and agreements are part of the daily work. Paperwork has always been an important part of the business and keeping order is a time consuming and consistent process. Signing paper is the way of yesterday. Say hello to . ID digital signatures!

Electronic signatures are definitely a solution to minimise risks and increase work efficiency. With the .ID digital signature solution any construction company can securely sign all important documents such as purchase orders, cost estimates, employment contracts, subcontractor and procurement contracts and much more.

Boost productivity with digital signatures

There is a familiar saying in many, if not all, areas of business: time is money. For a variety of reasons, it is very normal for project deadlines to be delayed. Particularly in the construction sector. The wait must certainly not, however, be triggered by the moving and waiting of physical documents.

An electronic signature easily and effectively solves that problem. The document flies electronically in seconds to the other end of the planet, and the document can now be signed using your mobile in seconds. An Internet connection and a smartphone in your pocket are what you need. It is good to note that all of these topics have risen to the forefront of the priorities of people today.

Lower costs, higher returns

A real advantage is the pace of transferring electronic documents and the ease of signing them. In addition, it reduces the cost of printing paper and holding piles of papers. Imagine now that the number of agreements signed annually by a large construction firm is hundreds, if not thousands. Making physical documents electronic is a major benefit, both financially and in terms of prestige, for a construction company. Today, those who present their organisation as a" green" business are winning.

Not to mention, it is easier for electronically signed records to be archived and found. Think of "green" and keep up with new business ways.

Establish solid relationships

While it is difficult for construction firms to keep up with technological advances when it comes to office management and paperwork, there is a tremendous amount to be learned. The support and trust of their partners will be won by any business that has clearly managed paperwork and cuts time with paperwork.

The move to electronic paperwork is a major plus in showing respect for staff and project partners. A construction business, which also demonstrates its approach to environmental sustainability, undoubtedly wins. In the future, which organisation will you work with?

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