November 5, 2021

Create fillable Word contracts and request signatures

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Create fillable Word contracts and request signatures
Some time ago we interviewed a number of people who work with documents on a daily basis.

Actually, we wanted to know what tools people use in the office, how they prepare their documents and contracts for signing, and how much time it all takes.

What we found out is that the tool of choice is Microsoft Word. But it's no big surprise that in the 21st century, there's still so much manual work, so much paper, and so much time spent on nonsense. Especially when there is a single document template, but so many different blank spaces that need to be filled with different data, manually. This means you have to create duplicate documents and edit them all for multiple parties to sign.

Even if we talk about signing digital documents electronically, without the good old ritual of printing, signing, and scanning, even then preparing documents and contracts for signing takes so much time.

We know that electronic signatures are supposed to simplify the process of signing, right. In fact, it seems that it's not the electronic signing itself that takes so much time, but the preparation of the documents themselves.

How documents are prepared today?

Anyone who has ever prepared a contract will probably proceed as follows. First, you create a draft of the document in Microsoft Word and then leave all those blank spaces as fields to be filled in by someone else who will sign the document. Sound familiar?

What else? You can also use a PDF-based editor to create blank fields to be signed. Or you can drag and drop these blank fields into place. And finally, you send the documents to be signed, usually by email, or share them via a cloud-based service.

This is a common practice, always has been, and likely will be in the future. But imagine that there are dozens or hundreds of such documents that need to be prepared. You have to fill in all these fields one by one and make sure that these fields are filled in correctly and properly. Sending drafts back and forth until a final version of a contract is reached.

Room for improvement? Definitely!

How does Agrello simplify document preparation for signing?

So what have we decided to do to solve this document creation process? First of all, it's still Microsoft Word, your favourite tool for working with your documents and contracts. The rest is about as simple as it gets. We call this new feature "Fill & Sign".

use fields
fill variables

Agrello’s “Fill & Sign” for Microsoft Word lets you create fillable documents and request electronic signatures with automatic form generation and management of the signing process. Simply put, you prepare a document or contract in Word and use {{curly brackets}} for the empty fields that need to be filled in. But instead of filling them all in manually, you upload the document to Agrello, the fields are filled in, and the document is ready to sign.

add signature
check fields

What sets Agrello's solution apart from other products for filling out and signing electronic documents is that you do not have to drag the fields into an additional tool or editor. Everything can be prepared in Microsoft Word, the tool that most people in the world use when it comes to documents and contracts.

Why and when should you use it?

First of all, most of us know how to use Microsoft Word. So why invent a separate editor to create a document template where you fill in the blanks or drag and drop fields? People love Microsoft Word, it's a very flexible and powerful text editor, so let us leave it at that. All the formatting in your Word document is preserved and it does not matter how long the text you type is.

For example, if you need to manually prepare more than 20 documents or contracts every month, Agrello can easily save you 10-20 hours of work preparing them. And compared to PDF-based solutions, Agrello allows you to prepare those documents 25-50% faster, depending on how many fields you need to add to the contract.

sign document

Agrello's “Fill & Sign” feature saves a lot of time on documents and contracts where the parties only need to fill in a few fields to complete the agreement. What kind of agreements is the feature good for?

Good examples are:

  • NDAs
  • Simple sales agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Application forms

In conclusion

Agrello "Fill & Sign" for Microsoft Word allows you to create fillable documents and request signatures, automatically recognizing fields and managing the signing process. The simple field markup language gives you the flexibility to define fields directly in Word. Drag your Word document to Agrello, assign signers, and you are done.

Sounds interesting?

look for variables

Give it a try and let us know what you think! To get started just log in to Agrello and upload a new document with variables. Be sure to follow these support pages, which will give you a detailed overview of how to work with the feature and save you some time.

Want to know more before starting?

You can discover Agrello for yourself by creating a trial account. To make sure you don't miss anything, get in touch with us and we'll show you how our contract management platform saves you time, money and administrative efforts. This way you can focus on what you do best.
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