Creating Contracts Is Not A Headache Anymore
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Creating Contracts Is Not A Headache Anymore

Are you struggling with creating a contract? Or are you wondering if you have all the important aspects covered in your contract, whether you are renting out your real estate or offering your services to customers? Agrello can now help you out with this!
Jarmo Tuisk
Jarmo Tuisk
April 28, 2019

Agrello can offer you flexible contract templates you can use when creating your own contracts. By using our templates you can easily create a contract and do it quickly! We offer the most commonly used contract templates, so all you have to do is fill in your specific data. Our goal is to help you save time and energy that is often spent on creating contracts.

And perhaps we can also help you save money — you won’t necessarily always need to have a lawyer draw up a legally binding contract, instead you can use our templates*. Agrello templates are FREE OF CHARGE, you can use them over and over again, there is no limit. You can find them from the Template Store and save the favourite ones in your personal Template Library, so they are always within your hand’s reach.

*You as a contract creator are responsible for the contract, its’ requirements and accordance to your needs.

We have created customised contract templates for B2C, B2B and also C2C models. So we can help you make your life a little bit easier with both — the personal and business matters. Using our templates you can create a sales, loan or rental contract or have a NDA with your partners.

But of course the alternative of you creating a contract from scratch remains on Agrello Platform. You can save all of your favourite customised contract templates in your Template Library. So you can easily initiate a new contract whenever and wherever you need to!

Creating contracts is no longer a hassle! Learn more about how e-signature works for eCommerce and B2B businesses

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