September 29, 2020

Digital signatures for startups and small businesses

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Digital signatures for startups and small businesses

First few years for every startup company or small business are always a struggle. There are just so many things happening and you want to do things right from the beginning. When it comes to contracts and all kinds of agreements then you probably want to keep all that paperwork nicely under control.

Every company, either it is bigger or smaller, faces with different documentation that is crucial and part of the journey. Other than that businesses can be with global reach and there are often situations where documents need to be signed in a distance without meeting face-to-face.

  • Employment contracts
  • Business agreements
  • Government documents
  • Contracts between investors
  • Contracts with founders and co-founders

Which digital signature to choose?

That is the question that pops in to everyones mind when it comes to digital signatures. And there are so many. For example, you might have considered using DocuSign, the leader of them all. There are also HelloSign, SignNow, Pandadoc, Eversign to name a few. All these solutions have similar mission though. It is to help digitally sign documents and turn paperwork into a digital experience. Although, there are different functionalities, fundamentals and pricing. That is what makes choosing the right one a bit of a struggle.

Why Agrello digital signature is so different from all other solutions?

Probably the most important difference from all other solutions is that Agrello digital signature is based on a real person identity. In other words, both parties signing an agreement, contract or any other document in a digital form have to be verified. The identity verification is part of the validation process in Agrello digital signature solution, right inside the application. It is important to note that identity verification requires government issued document, making validation process secure and reliable. There is no room for fraud. Sounds like a lot of struggle? You would not believe how easy it is all done. The whole procedure happens seamlessly within a few clicks on a smartphone.

Therefore, parties signing with Agrello are always aware who is the real person behind the signature. That makes the Agrello a really advanced digital signature solution compared to all others. All that is available with competitive pricing, suitable for starting and small businesses.

Legally binding worldwide

Small businesses using Agrello solution provides a strong identity based digital seal that is valid worldwide in over 195 countries. We believe that by combining a digital identity with a signature, businesses can create a truly universal network of trust.

This is the key to fuel business client relations while protecting the planet and get rid of all that unnecessary paperwork. Signing documents in a digital form can be trusted and secure. With Agrello digital signatures you can sign with peace of mind.

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Martin Palmet
Martin Palmet
Martin is responsible for marketing and shaping the public image of Agrello.

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