DLT tokens can now be used to access .ID premium plans
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DLT tokens can now be used to access .ID premium plans

We are pleased to announce that today we release the public Beta version of Agrello Delta Token (DLT) integration with .ID services. This integration enables users to access .ID premium services using DLTs in addition to conventional payment methods. It is a step further on our roadmap to create more value for our token holders community.
January 15, 2021

How does it work?

You can use .ID premium services by transferring the desired amount to your dedicated .ID DLT Wallet which you can create over our web app. Using DLTs instead of conventional payment method provides significant cost-savings for users.

You can select between two premium subscription plans: Standard with up to 10 documents and signatures per month or Professional with up to 100 documents and signatures per month.

The payment process is simple. All you have to do is activate your .ID DLT Wallet on our platform and fill your personal .ID Wallet with DLTs. You can find the detailed instructions from our support page.

First step utilising Agrello Delta Tokens

Implementing DLT voucher to .ID services is only the first step in creating more value for DLT community. We continue working with the ideas presented in the whitepaper and following our mission of building the Borderless Network of Trust.

Today, usability of .ID solution is on the rise - thousands of signatures are issued every month using our solution. It is becoming more and more popular both in emerging and developed markets.

.ID - it’s a unique way to sign digital documents. Our signatures are secured by identity verification and sealed with encrypted code. That makes .ID digital signatures more secure and valid than any other.

Start signing your digital documents with confidence! Visit our platform at https://docs.agrello.io/login.

We are excited to welcome the new payment method and hope it offers both, flexibility to our current and new users, and value to our token holders community!

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