March 31, 2022

Easily prepare contracts for signing with Google Drive and Zapier automation

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Easily prepare contracts for signing with Google Drive and Zapier automation

How are contracts usually stored?

Automating contracts and automating the process of electronic signatures is a hot topic that's been around for a while. No wonder people still love a lot of manual labor. It's funny, maybe it's because people feel like every little thing they do manually makes them feel important, and they really feel like they've accomplished something when so much effort is put in.

Where do you keep your documents, files and contracts? Some of us keep them in the computer's "My Documents" folder. Others, especially those who have had the bitter experience of losing all their important files and data when their computer hopelessly crashed.

It is very common for people to use drives for personal use or work. Keeping cloud drives makes it much easier to access files from different devices and collaborate with team members. Surely you use either Google Drive or Dropbox.

This contract automation post will help you manage your contracts and documents between folders so you do not have to manually move them from one folder to another. This automation will do that for you automatically.

Automatically upload contracts to Agrello for signing

Imagine a situation where you have your contracts in a folder that needs to be signed. Even more, maybe you use Google Drive folders to move them from one folder to another. For example, we know many companies that have a folder with contracts that are being prepared for signing and another folder with signed contracts.

In this example, imagine that a person has to manually move these contracts from one folder to another. In doing so, there are so many opportunities for error. To sign contracts that are in one folder, a person has to manually take the contract and then upload it to the electronic signature service to sign it. And if there are a hundred contracts in that folder, that person has to do it a hundred times.

Now imagine that there is automation for this problem. A person moves a contract into a folder, and those contracts are automatically moved into the Agrello e-signing application, ready to be signed by the parties. How easy is it? You simply move the contract into the folder where you keep your contracts, and that's it. You simply continue with the signing process without moving the contracts or preparing them for digital signing.

Save signed documents in a specific folder

This is the other side of automation. If you want to keep your documents in your own folders, you may not trust other cloud services, or you may just want to back up your contracts to your own space (either Google Drive or Dropbox).

Signed contracts protect you from liability claims and describe the services you expect. However, it's always a good idea to keep a backup copy of your signatures in case you need to refer back to them in the future. Try Agrello + Zapier workflows to automatically back up your signed documents to a cloud storage app.

Let’s set up Google Drive to Agrello automation

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create an automation with your Google Drive folder and Agrello electronic signature app. This automation will make your life a lot easier, and you will not believe how much time you'll save moving all those contracts from one place to another just to prepare them for signing. This automation prepares contracts for signing by simply moving your contract to the Google Drive folder. When you do that, your contract will be automatically prepared on Agrello's e-signature platform and ready to be signed. All you need to do is collect signatures. And that's it.

Step 1.

Choose Google Drive from App selection.

google drive trigger zapier

Step 2.

Select Trigger (New File in Folder).


Step 3.

Connect Google Account.

Step 4.

Select Folder to work with.

set up drive

set up zap trigger

Step 5.

Test creation of new file in Google Drive.

drive zap connection

For test to work, upload at least one file to your Google Drive folder.

Setting up Agrello action

Step 1.

Choose Agrello app as an action.

Step 2.

Select Event (Create Document).

agrello zap

Step 3.

Connect Agrello account.

Step 4.

Configure the action.

new space variables

Google drive has multiple possibilities for exporting files, we recommend use PDF URL.

Step 5.

Once you have completed the configuration you need to test Zapier flow.

test flow

If the test is successful you should see the new document created in Agrello.

Step 6.

If the test is successful you can activate Zap.

test was successful!

Automation is fantastic for reducing, if not eliminating, errors. Automation is reliable and consistent, so you can be sure that your contracts are free of human error when you use automation software. And that, of course, is extremely important when it comes to contracts.

The main goal of contract management automation is to improve the creation and management of contracts in order to streamline processes, save money and time, avoid errors, and provide a better experience for employees and customers. It also increases security, measures success, and improves retention.


If you have trouble automating the contract, try Agrello's support page first. And if you really need to improve your workflows related to contracts and electronic signature automation, give us a call and we will find a suitable solution for you or your company.

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