June 10, 2019

Expanding to South Africa? Agrello was visited by the Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia

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Expanding to South Africa? Agrello was visited by the Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia

The interest in Agrello’s services is very high in Namibia, that is also the reason why the meeting was held in the office of Agrello. Agrello is offering innovative solutions of electronic ID and document signing. Agrello ID is a personal self-sovereign digital identity which is powered by blockchain, supported by an advanced identification process, and protected by cryptography.

On the 23rd of May The Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia to Finland and the Baltic countries H.E. Mr Bonny Haufiku visited Agrello Office in Tallinn

Agrello signing solution allows users to automate the document signing processes while meeting the higher standards of security (eIDAs regulations). The main benefits that come with using the Agrello solutions are saving time and money, making work processes more efficient and highly secure. Agrello is using technology which ensures that none of the data could be tampered with. The solutions we offer have no restrictions when it comes to country borders — it can be used all over the world.

The visit was organised through the project called “SME Aisle” — exports of cluster of CB economic strengths shipbuilding, maritime renewable energy, automation and ICT to Namibia as a stable point to entry to the South African markets, and it was led by the project manager Vahur Valdna. The main objective of the project is to achieve sales to Central Baltics Small and Medium Sized Enterprises with joint concept using Namibia as a safe entry point to coastal South African countries (e.g. South Africa, Angola, Mozambique).


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