November 12, 2021

Fill & Sign use case: signing an NDA on Agrello

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Fill & Sign use case: signing an NDA on Agrello

When we introduced our new Fill & Sign feature, we focused on the tool everyone uses every day to create legal documents - Microsoft Word. Now we want you to understand why this feature is cool and how you can benefit from it too.

The focus of this post is on confidentiality agreements, because:

  • they are often needed in everyday business;
  • the basic terms and text rarely change - there is usually a reusable contract base in every company;
  • there are usually only two parties;
  • the information of your company and the representative are usually the same;

So the only thing that changes and needs to be filled out each time is the data about the other party. Imagine having to sign multiple NDAs within a week and having to send the document to the other party to fill out beforehand, or ask for their personal information in a separate email. We can save you this trouble - read on to learn how to prepare an NDA with fillable fields for your company.

Step 1.  Mark the fillable fields

Open your NDA document in Microsoft Word and use our special markup language with curly brackets to mark the fields that the other party needs to fill in. In the sample illustration, the fields that can be filled in are highlighted in yellow. Give the fields a logical and meaningful name, as they will be helpful to whoever needs to fill them in. For example, the first field is {{Company Name}}, the second is {{Company Address}}, and the third is {{Name of Company Representative}}. You can also reuse these fields within the document in places where the same data is needed, so the field only needs to be filled in once.

Step 2.  Upload document to Agrello

When you are done editing the document in MS Word, save it in Docx format and proceed to upload the document to Agrello. After clicking the "Use Fields" button, the fields marked with curly brackets will appear under the "Fillable Fields" menu bar. The signature fields must be assigned to the signers of the document.

Step 3.  Assign signature fields and fillable fields

In order to sign the document, all signature fields must be assigned. You can do that after adding signers to the document. Press the yellow question mark after the signer's name and remember the signature number - in our case we have reserved Signature:1 for your company and Signature:2 for the other party, so assign them accordingly.

In the Fillable fields menu you can fill in the data yourself if you know it, or you can assign the field to your counterparty to fill in.

Step 4.  Wait for it …

Now your part of the work is done and you have to wait for your counterparty to fill in the data. All fields must be filled in before you sign the document.

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