November 25, 2020

Go beyond paper and sign Employment contracts digitally

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Go beyond paper and sign Employment contracts digitally

Even if contracts or letters of offer are sent via e-mail, recipients always have to print the documents before signing them and returning them by mail. This is a laborious method that can sometimes take weeks, and a logistical inefficiency that is now absolutely avoidable. Moving to digital contract signing improves the entry process and offers a truly paperless way to handle immigrants. It's quicker, simpler and more user-friendly than the conventional approach.

Legally valid employment contracts

That is one ofthe most frequently asked questions. Are digitaal signatures on employmentcontracts actually legally valid?


In 2016, the EU adopted the EIDAS law, which removed all ambiguitiesregarding the legal status of electronic signatures. It provides electronic contractswith the same legal status as the conventional paper-ink contract. The legal effectand admissibility of an electronic signature as evidence in court proceedings maynot be denied on the sole grounds that it is in electronic form.

Make employee onboarding convenient for both parties

That's right, it takes so much time to mail documents back and forth. As interviewees live in various parts of the country, the company's job interviews are primarily performed remotely, e.g. through videos and online meetings. At the end of the process, the chosen applicant was invited to the headquarters to sign a contract of employment.

It's not worth flying people to the headquarters to sign a contract if they lived at a considerable distance. However it took a substantial amount of time to send documents to the company via file copying, mail-related waiting, and receiving and processing of documents.

Benefit from .ID digital signatures

.ID digital signature solution enables the company to sign an employment contract on a digital basis. The signature of both the employer and the employee can be obtained in minutes on the same day, if necessary. The identity of the employee shall be checked by using a bank card or a mobile certificate.

The employment contract signed by both parties shall be received immediately by both the HR Department and the two signatories. The two parties then have their own signed and verifiable agreement.

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