How would freelancers benefit from .ID digital signatures?
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How would freelancers benefit from .ID digital signatures?

Those who have experience working as a freelancer most probably have been in a position where they thought "I wish I have signed that contract"? Well, signing contracts in so many reasons is often seen as irrelevant or somewhat even inconvenient. Of course, it is always easier to just trust the client relation and go with the flow. Until the moment where hard work comes unrewarded. In this blog post I would like to share 3 good reasons how .ID digital signatures would benefit your next project.
Martin Palmet
Martin Palmet
September 22, 2020

For some period of my life I have been working as a freelancer myself. It's kind of a cool way to do what you're good at and escape that 9-5 for once. What I especially liked about working as a freelancer was that I was physically free from any location. I often travelled and even lived in various beautiful locations. Having fun while doing enough work. All I needed was my laptop so I could work on my projects.

Learned a lesson with signing documents

There are several platforms available for freelancers nowadays where contracting and billing as well as communication between freelancer and client is made easy. You may probably know freelancing platforms like UpWork, Codeable,, Fiverr, Toptal, and also Xolo and Wave for billing purposes. I rarely used these platforms. I had enough projects to work on. And most of the projects reached me through a recommendation. Besides, these platforms for freelancers kind of didn't click with me. Too much competition with others alike.

Along the way I remember there were few times where I learned how important it is to sign a contract between freelancer and a client. At some point, it may feel as some old-school outdated way to do things. But I have learned a lesson. Besides, signing contracts or any agreement can be cool, seamless and even show your professional attitude towards your work. And eventually being formal can even gain yourself some trust.

3 reasons to digitally sign with .ID

Here, I would like to share three reasons why signing contracts is important and how it is made easy with .ID digital signatures.


Choose strong digital signature

Signing in a distance can also be secure, strong and valid. Make sure you back up your project with strong digital signatures such as .ID. All your documents and contracts are stored in one secure place and you are able to keep track, share and sign your contracts easily with .ID mobile app.


Verified identity based digital signatures

.ID digital signature is based on a real person identity. To sign a document with .ID both parties are required to verify their real identity with government issued document. And that happens in few clicks on your smartphone.

Therefore, you will always know which person in real life is behind the signature. That makes the .ID an advanced digital signature solution out there.


Sign documents anywhere in the world

Working as a freelancer you may rarely meet your client. Of course, it depends what you do. But it is common that freelancers rather work from home, some outdoor cafe or while moving around the world. So, there's not always a chance to meet your client face-to-face to sign that agreement. Signing documents without meeting face-to-face can be trusted and secure. With .ID digital signatures you can sign with confidence. And what is equally important, digital signature with .ID is legally binding worldwide.

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