February 8, 2021

Identity-based electronic signatures for your rental agreements

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Identity-based electronic signatures for your rental agreements

Some decades back, individuals had to meet in person to sign an online contract. Even if all has changed and individuals are able to remotely sign the contract. Some real estate companies and small landlords still choose to go the conventional route instead of opting for the convenience of today's digital process.


The house lease is a digital document that highlights the rental arrangement between a landlord and a tenant when a property is rented out. This type of real estate contract is legally binding by the parties and the purpose is to clarify all the responsibilities and expectations between the tenant and the landlord.

Stop signing on paper


A brand new option that is now available to both tenants and landlords is the entrance into an online rental agreement. Individuals met in person to sign a paper lease before this activity went online. This time, it prevents the use of current digital signature technology. Choosing an electronic lease enables you to electronically sign a contract easily from any place and at any time you wish.


Identity-based electronic signatures


Of course, this is an innovative and even revolutionary technique in the rental industry. Some individuals may have questions about whether this method is safe and effective, which is very natural. Make sure that the correct choice is to sign a lease online.


The use of electronic signatures with the .ID app is a smart and safe one. The digital .ID signatures are based on identities that have been checked. Both parties therefore know precisely with whom the rental agreement is signed.


Legally binding worldwide


The electronic signature of the rental agreement must comply with the requirements of theEuropean eIDAS legislation in order to be genuinely legally legitimate. SomeEuropean countries often impose restrictions or require a certain electronic signature standard. Globally, the digital signatures of .ID are legally binding.


Save time and improve customer relations


By making the process of obtaining signatures for your rentals more fluid and secure, you reduce the risk of a property sitting empty between tenants. In addition, allover the world, electronic signatures are commonly used. Many countries have already moved to this form because it is less inconvenient than signing with ink. E-signing speeds up a contract's entire signature process.


Enable your agents, landlords and tenants remotely from their computer, tablet or mobile app to fill out, display and sign documents. It's so fast. Sign your rental contract online with the .ID app and get fully paperless transactions that save hours of time-consuming operations such as copying, printing, faxing and mailing.

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