Introducing major update for the .ID mobile app 3.3.
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Introducing major update for the .ID mobile app 3.3.

Today we released a new version of the .ID mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. In this release, we've focused on simplifying the process of signing digitally from your phone. In addition, we've added convenient in-app payments to make it easier to upgrade to the Professional plan.
May 6, 2021

.ID has been the mobile-first service from the beginning.

The .ID users enjoy the ease of signing documents through the app with the touch of a button, FaceID or fingerprint. Your phone also serves as a very secure device to store your digital signature key - much more secure than any password-based signature service. In addition, it's very convenient to use your phone to verify your identity. Just take a selfie and a few photos of your national ID document and you're good to go.

With current updates, we are strengthening the position of our mobile platform as one of the most powerful mobile digital signature services on the market.

More power for the iOS app

.ID iOS app gets a long-awaited makeover with many new features for the iPhone users. With the .ID 3.3 release for iOS, we introduce document creation directly inside the app, with all the document editing features that were previously only available to Android and web app users.

Now you can easily

  • create documents from your iCloud files or images;
  • add your visual signature;
  • request signatures for your mobile-created documents;
  • add viewers to your documents.

Native payments

While we continue to provide our free tier for anyone who wants to securely sign documents, more and more users are opting for the Professional package to create and sign more than 3 documents per month. To make it more convenient to take advantage of the upgraded tier, we've added native in-app payments for both Android and iOS apps.

Making difficult signing processes easier

Our focus is on making complex signing processes easier. That means the .ID solution is optimised for transactions that require dozens of parties to sign multiple documents quickly and securely.

We've interviewed dozens of legal advisors, investors, and entrepreneurs to better understand the complexities of signing financing documents to make the signing process faster and more secure for them.

We see the .ID mobile app as a way to increase the speed of signature gathering, strengthen digital identity security, and give everyone involved an easily accessible overview of the signing process.

Download the .ID new iOS or Android app today and get things signed in minutes.

Happy signing!

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