July 2, 2019

IPOhub opens up European Growth Markets for all investors

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IPOhub opens up European Growth Markets for all investors

The platform provides users with offers and share issues from companies across these markets and combines this with historical data to get a complete picture of the investment opportunity. Once an individual finds a worthwhile prospect, they can have their identity verified and can subsequently sign subscription forms digitally.

Barriers for individuals wishing to invest in these markets up to now have been substantial.

Even experienced investors simply don’t have access to all the offers and share issues across Europe in one place. Which means trawling a variety of sources to get incomplete data. What’s more, when a good investment prospect can be found, individuals are hindered further by numerous country-based restrictions.

Something Volli Kalju, founder and investor knows all too well:

“When your opportunities are restricted by various country-based bureaucracies you ask yourself is it worth it — there are so many great companies out there worthy of investment, this surely can’t be healthy for anyone, freedom to invest should be exactly that”.

And it’s not just investors that benefit. Agents get a platform to promote their offers and reduce their paperwork, and companies get an additional channel to market themselves to potential investors.

IPOhub’s initial release is just the first leap into creating an investing environment that is balanced for both individual and institutional investors alike. Every day more offers, share issues, companies and markets are coming online.

More information can be found at www.ipohub.io. It’s an exciting project. Stay tuned for more news.

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