November 5, 2019

Much more than just digital signatures

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Much more than just digital signatures

Digital .ID for user authentication and digital signing

Agrello has launched a unique solution to identify yourself with government-issued identification document. Therefore, every .ID user is verified by actual document and not just email or text message or any other way. Considering all that, your unique digital .ID is even more secure for user authentication to use different online services.

This is how we are different from many other similar services. We value user’s identification document as a source for identity verification.

We have recently renamed our app to simply .ID to be more recognizable worldwide.

You are able to download it from App Store as well as from Google Play.

Sign documents and files digitally with ease – worldwide!

Agrello platform enables you to sign digital documents in a way that is legally binding and recognized worldwide. We appreciate simplicity and user experience, so we wanted to give you something really powerful, but extremely simple to use. Signing platform is deliberately developed without too many bells and whistles and brain freeze puzzles. It’s quick! It’s simple! It is secure!

Agrello keeps a copy of your documents, so you’ll never lose your documents or files. Say no to piling up your printed out documents that tend to get lost in time. More than that, you are always able to export them to your desktop for quick reference. We value security very much!

Going paperless in the office really has never been easier. That really is our goal, to give you the option to make your in-house system paperless.

Agrello’s legally binding document signature platform is a benefit to any entrepreneur to keep business relationships in order and safe. In fact, signing documents, files and contracts is simple and independent of your whereabouts. With a few taps on a mobile device you’re all set.

Try out the platform already today to sign PDF or other documents.

Where and how can I use .ID app?

We are constantly increasing our user base. There are endless use cases where any business can benefit from using .ID solution globally.

Using .ID app is more than simple. All you need to do is verify your identity keeping your government issued document nearby. You can do it simply with your smartphone. Verification happens in seconds, sometimes it may take a bit longer, depending on processing time.

Everything else will work simply with your PIN-1 and PIN-2, or just simply use your thumb print.

That’s how easy it is.

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