November 27, 2020

New Agrello 2.0 update for iOS

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New Agrello 2.0 update for iOS

The mobile platform without a doubt is a cornerstone of our value proposition to deliver all Agrello app users the most secure and authentic digital signatures on the market, based on industry standards for digital signatures. With the new Agrello 2.0 update for iOS you can expect these new features.

  • New look and feel
  • Better navigation between main activities
  • New home screen for most important tasks
  • Digital identity overview

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Home screen

The new home screen focuses on the tasks that are waiting for your input. You will have a quick shortcut to start signing new documents, a list of the documents waiting for your signature, and practical suggestions to fulfil your .ID experience.

Document screen

The Documents screen provides quick access to your documents, an overview of their status, as well as search and filter functions to easily find the right documents. In addition to Documents screen where you can easily sign your documents, there is Account page next to it. With a new account and digital identity, you can access the app's settings and preview the data that forms the basis of your digital identity.

Free plan included

Just start signing. We do not ask for your credit card details when creating the account. With the account FREE you can make a total of 3 signatures without time limit. You can keep it FREE forever if you sign only 3 documents per month or provide 3 digital signatures per month. A perfect option for regular people who do not sign documents very often. With the Agrello digital signatures you can be sure that your digital signatures are strong because they are based on your verified identity.

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