New look for the .ID app
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New look for the .ID app

.ID Android new release introduces a brand new design language to our mobile app, in addition to the new functionalities to strengthen our core mission: to deliver trusted identity-based signatures to everyone.
September 15, 2020

The mobile platform is a cornerstone of our value proposition to deliver you the most secure and authentic signatures in the market, based on the industry standards for digital signatures.

  • New look and feel
  • Better navigation between main activities
  • New home screen for most important tasks
  • Digital identity overview

Home screen

The new home screen focuses on the tasks waiting for your input. You’ll have a quick shortcut to start signing new documents, a list of the documents waiting for your signature, and handy suggestions to enhance your .ID experience.

Documents screen

Documents screen provides quick access to your documents, an overview of their statuses, and search and filtering functionality to find the right documents easily.

Document details

The document details view is now divided into 3 categories: files, people, and signatures. Yes, unlike many other apps, you can sign many files of any type with a single signature. In addition, you can invite as many people as you like as signers or viewers and finally, on the separate tab, you’ll see digital signatures.

As the ultimate source of truth about the signatures, you can download the industry-standard digital signature container in ASIC format from the upper right corner menu.

Pro tip: You can always share the signed document with new people, by clicking on the Invite person icon on the toolbar, doesn’t matter whether they are just viewers or new signers.

Account and digital identity

In a new account and digital identity, you’ll have access to the app settings and preview the data that is the basis for your digital identity.

We hope you will enjoy our latest release and feel free to drop us feedback over Twitter or Telegram channels.

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