December 20, 2022

Save time and effort with Agrello bulk actions

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Save time and effort with Agrello bulk actions

Document management tasks are often manual and repetitive. Everyone wants to look professional, and we know that mistakes in important documents leave a careless impression. Depending on the mistake, undesirable consequences for the company can follow. This means that every document requires impeccable attention to detail and precision. With Agrello bulk actions, it's possible to take automated workflows to the next level and navigate through contract preparation, signing, and storage much faster. Here's an overview of how you can use bulk actions in your favor.

Bulk create

The contract process starts with preparing the contract for signing. Agrello Bulk creation is handy when you need to sign multiple documents with many parties involved and the contracts are created on the same contract template. For example, many employment contracts or other labor documents need to be updated at once, multiple investment contracts with many investors need to be signed, or the updated terms and conditions need to be re-agreed with your clients. On Agrello, it's possible to prepare the template in Microsoft Word and turn it into a fillable contract template by uploading it to the Agrello platform. In addition, you need all your client or employee data in an Excel file and if you upload this Excel file during bulk creation, you can transfer all the relevant data into the right fields and create multiple contracts with just a few clicks. Read more about bulk creation and the necessary steps in this post.

Bulk send

After using the bulk creation feature to create multiple documents from one template, you now have all documents in draft status. If needed, you can review the contracts before sending them for signing, or you can select them all and send them for signing with one click. When you press "Send for signing", an invitation to sign is sent to the other party's email address and they can easily sign the document without having to create an account.

Send for Signing

Bulk delete

Sometimes you find that you had an error in the text of the contract template and the contracts need to be recreated. Since it would be tedious to delete the incorrect documents one by one, you can use bulk delete to get rid of all the incorrect documents. Just select the documents and press Delete.

Delete Documents

Use Agrello to streamline the contract process from start to finish and stop wasting your precious time on manual and repetitive tasks. Read our blog for more tips or get in touch for more personal guidance at


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