November 6, 2020

Secure identity based digital signatures for Education sector

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Secure identity based digital signatures for Education sector

How does digital signature contribute to security and recognition?


It is obvious that the Internet and the widespread adoption of mobile technology have meant more opportunities for organisations, but also more headaches in terms of information security and confidentiality. The education sector, of course, has not been left behind and has welcomed these open arms innovations, including the digital signature. This is allowing to reduce the use of paper considerably while complying with various regulations that regulate its use.


Given the number of documents and data processed on a daily basis by universities and other educational institutions, an adequate digital signature that provides a high level of security and legal compliance is imperative. Educational institutions can easily facilitate the administrative processes of enrolling students from different countries through the use of a digital signature that complies with rules such as eIDAS. The eIDAS framework allows the recognition of digital signatures in any member country of the European Union.


Less paperwork with electronic signatures


The truth is that students, parents and teachers are becoming more and more tech-aware and much of their contact is taking place online – mobile phones, tablets and computers. What this suggests for today's schools and colleges is that when they enter, students are now looking forward to a completely digitised experience; from class registration to class transfers, parent approvals, school applications, and student loan applications, etc.

By going paperless with the support of electronic signature technology, you can submit and sign essential student documents in seconds. The introduction of electronic signatures to the education sector will also ensure the efficient monitoring of application forms. If no forms or documents have been signed, the e-signature service can automatically notify parents and students of the need to sign the application.


Secure way to manage important documents


Withe-signatures, confidential educational documents can be submitted to guardians in a safe manner. Digitally signed documents with the .ID digital signature solution allow the user to verify the identity of the signatory and the date on which the signature was made. In addition, submitting a signature document electronically, instead of mailing or faxing, reduces the risk that it will be lost or tampered with.


With the .ID advanced digital signature solution the users are able to capture details of a signature, such as who signed the document, as well as, when and where. The .ID digital signature requires each party to be verified with government issued valid document. Therefore, it is always clear, who is the actual person behind the signature.


Process automation with digital signatures


Educational institutions depend mainly on applications from students. Normally, they have application portals for this process, but the signing process is very difficult. Management and students need to print, sign, review and submit forms, which is a time-consuming process. Application and approval procedures are difficult, since both require wet-ink signatures. In this way, the application process slows down the whole operation.

The monitoring of the application forms will be simpler than before, as everyone will know the person who has not signed the documents to date. Overall, the introduction of digital signatures would increase the speed and visibility of the application process.

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