October 21, 2022

Signing a cross-border contract between UK and Estonia

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Signing a cross-border contract between UK and Estonia

Cross border contracts are an inevitability of doing business in our international and interconnected world.  There are numerous examples of where contracts might need to be concluded cross border, such as:

  • Buying and selling goods;
  • Engaging a manufacturer to manufacture products;
  • An employee signing an employment contract with a company located abroad;
  • A company is hiring employees from abroad;

Here, we will give an overview of what it means to sign a contract between England and Estonia using Agrello.

In a previous blog post, we outlined that the Agrello signature was valid in England. The Agrello signature is also valid in Estonia, so there are no validity issues in our example.

Let’s take the example of a sales contract. An English company, Tea Time Limited, wants to sell some tea to an Estonian company, Tee Taim OÜ.

Mary at Tea Time is the administrator dealing with all the contracts, and she has a counterpart, Marit at Tee Taim. We also have Sam at Tea Time, who signs all their contracts, and his counterpart, Siim at Tee Taim.

To do this sales contract, they use Agrello to set up and sign the contract.

Tea Time Ltd has a standard sales contract that they have set up using templates, so Mary just grabs a new template to use for the new contract with Tee Taim.

contract with ariables

This has curly brackets in it, so Mary at Tea Time assigns the dynamic fields to Marit for her to fill out. This removes a significant obstacle that a lot of cross border contracts have - collecting data. With Agrello, Mary doesn’t need to have a big email chain with Marit collecting the data, Marit can just do it herself.

preview variables

When it comes to signing, this is very easy. All Mary has to do is send the contract for signing- she assigns Sam and Siim as signers. They click a button and easily sign with the Agrello signature. In fact, with loginless signing, they don’t even need to log in to Agrello to sign, they can quickly sign the contract without logging in.

add signer

signed document

The sales contract renews every year, so Mary also sets a reminder natively in Agrello, and will receive an email reminding her she needs to renew it.

add reminder

Mary and Marit can store the contract in Agrello, or they can download and store it on their computers or company drives.

So now Mary and Marit have successfully completed their cross border sales contract with Agrello.

With Agrello, you can unlock your contract management powers and sign contracts quicker than it takes so make a cup of tea. Sign up and start now!


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