December 6, 2022

Start your Business on the Right Foot with Agrello's e-signature platform

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Start your Business on the Right Foot with Agrello's e-signature platform

In all stages of doing business, there is a lot of paperwork to deal with and sign. Whether it’s related to starting a business or daily operations, it can sometimes feel like the paperwork doesn’t end.

It is especially important when starting a startup or new business to consider implementing the right tools at the beginning. This will mean that stress can be reduced further down the line.

In this article, we will show you how Agrello can reduce the time you spend on your contractual processes, so that when you start your startup, you have more time to spend on other tasks- like figuring out your go to market strategy, or getting seriously stuck in to some code.

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Use a contract management platform right from the start of your business

When starting a business or a startup, there are many things to consider and lots of paperwork to get signed. These could be agreements such as your founders agreements or articles of association.

If you use traditional signing on paper and ink, this can be a hassle. The papers need to be stored somewhere, you might end up losing them somehow, and if your business is international, then using the post to send the signed agreements around the world is another layer of complexity to add to the mix. Nobody wants all of this to think about when they’ve just started a new business and have one thousand other things to think about.

Instead, if you use a signing and contract management platform such as Agrello, these problems can be eliminated. You can easily upload your ready to go agreements, and send them for signing to your business partners via email. Then, you can easily and quickly sign with the Agrello signature, being safe in the knowledge that this is secure. Finally, you can store the signed agreements in Agrello itself, or download it and store it in the place of your choosing such as your Google Drive or harddrive. With Zapier, you can automate this process as well and use a Zap to connect Agrello with any tool of your choosing.

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From preparing contract templates to controlling the whole signing process

When it comes to daily operations, as your startup grows, so does the paperwork. Doing and signing your paperwork manually is again, a complete headache. Sending papers via fax, or post is an overhead time and money wise that is much more necessary to save and spend elsewhere, and there are issues with filing and storing these papers too.

There are so many cases where you need to be signing paperwork. This can be seen in your HR processes- with employment contracts, amendments to employment contracts, employee codes of conducts and so much more. There’s also lots in your sales processes, such as sales agreements or distribution agreements. And, if you’re raising funds, there’s a whole host of paperwork to think about like term sheets, convertible loan agreements, shareholders agreements and much more.

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With Agrello, the headaches of dealing with all this is removed. For your commonly used agreements, such as employment contracts or sales agreements you can use templates. With templates, you can upload a document that has dynamic fields created with curly brackets, and create and re-create documents easily and quickly.

Bulk creation and bulk actions really unlock the power to create, sign and send massive amounts of contracts, when your business starts getting big enough that you have loads of contracts to send out. Simply take a template, and a spreadsheet with the data needed for the template contract inside, with the email addresses of the signers and you’re ready to go. Bulk actions mean that you can manage and send out lots of contracts at the same time.

As your team grows, you will need to eventually invite them to Agrello so that you can all collaborate on documents- this is where team spaces really comes in handy. With team spaces you can set up dedicated spaces for document collaboration, where you can edit and share contracts with others so your whole team is kept in the loop at all times.

As you can see, Agrello is an invaluable tool that you can, and should implement at the very beginning of your business or startup journey, so that your contract processes are smooth and stress free. To learn more about Agrello, contact


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