October 21, 2021

Team Spaces on your smartphone

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Team Spaces on your smartphone

In summer we introduced our new feature called Spaces and later Team Spaces for Agrello web app. Now we bring Team spaces to our mobile apps as well.

Share and organize your agreements with ease and confidence

Spaces help you organize and share your documents easily, either by business types, projects, teams, etc.  If you want to share the documents with your colleagues or business partners, just add them as members of the space.

Another important feature is that a document can belong to multiple Spaces at the same time. This way one document can be shared with multiple groups of partners or collaborators.

Create a Space in one click

Spaces are free to use. So you can create as many Spaces as you want and sort your personal and business documents separately. In the iOS app, Spaces are available in the bottom menu bar. It's quite easy to create a Space. You just need to give it a name and start adding documents there.

Get organized by adding documents to Spaces

You can add documents to Spaces by clicking the "+" button in your document's detail view and clicking "# Add to Space". Then select a Space from your list or create a new Space on the go. After you select the correct Space, it will appear at the bottom of the document's details view.

On Android, all spaces are displayed at the top of the document. Simply click the "#Add to Space" button and select a Space from the list that appears.

Share Spaces with colleagues and business partners

Once you have created a Space, you can share it with colleagues or business partners. Simply tap the person icon within the Space to invite others. You will need to specify the role of the invited members when you send the invitation.

All members in your specific Space can be either editors or viewers. An editor role has the right to add and delete documents from the Space, invite new members to the Space, manage their permissions, and invite them as signers to a document. A viewer role only has viewing rights, nothing more. Roles can be changed at any time by the Space editor or owner.

Collaborate when signing documents

In summary, the Space feature is a way to group your documents. You may want to group your documents by business type, customer name, or even date. And sometimes the same document needs to belong to two or more groups. That's what Spaces is all about - giving you a better overview of all your documents.

If you have not yet installed Agrello's e-signature app or need a fresh update, here are direct links for your convenience. Stay tuned as we regularly release new features that make e-signing easier.
Give it a try and let us know what you think! You’ll find a handy feedback screen right inside your Agrello mobile app under the account section.
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