October 14, 2022

Using Agrello instead of Archaic Ways of Signing Contracts

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Using Agrello instead of Archaic Ways of Signing Contracts

Paper, fax machines and postal services are still being used in 2022. In some places to sign a cross border contract, you have to use a fax machine, or print out the contract, sign it, send it via post (which takes days, sometimes weeks), the other side will countersign it, and then post it back to you.

Nowadays, most contracts can be executed online with a digital signing and document management platform. In this post, we will teach you how you can get rid of your fax machine, and other archaic systems like paper and post using Agrello.

Reviewing and Signing Contracts with Fax or Email

Let’s dream up some scenarios here to illustrate how things can be done better with Agrello.

Mary has to send a contract to Sam in order to get it reviewed, approved and signed by him. She faxes it to him, but this wastes paper, and Mary’s time, standing by a fax machine.

Even if she forgoes paper and sends it to Sam via email, this creates a security risk, and someone could intercept the contract over email.

Instead, if Mary uses Agrello, she can do the same process but instead invite Sam to review and sign within Agrello. Then he can easily review and sign online, no fax or emails needed. Mary’s boss, Mark, can also review and sign in Agrello.

Sending and Signing Contracts by Post

Mary now has a sales contract she needs to send to Sally. Usually, she would do it so that Mark, will sign it, and then she will go to the post office, post it to Sally, and Sally will post it back to Mary.

This is quite a slow, inefficient process- her office is not near the post office, so Mary has to spend time travelling to and from the post office, and she can’t spend time doing important things.

If Mary used Agrello, not only would she get rid of paper, she would save time as well.

With Agrello, Mary can upload her contract and invite Mark and Sally to sign it. Then, they can sign in a few clicks of their mouse, and Mary has a digitally signed contract which she can store on her computer, the company drive, or wherever she wants.

Mary can do away with the trips to the post office now that she has Agrello.

Signing Contracts on Paper

Now, Mary has a new version of the employee handbook that she needs everybody to read and sign. To do this, she prints out 50 copies, and gives one to each employee to read, sign, and give back to her.

She does this and ends up with a mountain of paper, and needing to file each one individually.

With Agrello’s bulk creation feature, she could have saved trees, and time.

With the bulk creation feature, all Mary needs is a template copy of the employee handbook, and an excel sheet with the names, emails, and other employee details she may need to collect for the document. Then, she could use Agrello’s bulk creation feature to mass create the documents, and get them signed by the employees. She would save so much time, and would easily be able to digitally store the files.

As we have illustrated here, you can get rid of your archaic systems today with Agrello, and make your life paper, post office, and fax machine free.


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