What we gained from SLUSH event as a startup
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What we gained from SLUSH event as a startup

Any tech startup probably knows about Slush event. And there’s a reason why, of course! On of the biggest tech events out there. This November we were very excited to take part in it ourselves in beautiful city Helsinki.
November 29, 2019

Two days most certainly over exceeded our expectations. It was definitely more that we bargained for and worth every penny. We were grateful to have an opportunity to have our own demo booth to introduce the awesome .ID application we’re currently working on. And the curiosity and interest towards our solution by other startups and investors was overwhelming.

Our goal was to spread the word about the .ID application we are working on at the moment. The digital identity for authentication and digital signing. Not just country based but legally binding world wide. And we got really good feedback, which was very good motivational boost for our team.

There are a lot of reasons we decided to participate Slush this year and there’s no doubt we will do it again next time.

First of all, you have to be impressed by the size of it. There are over 25 000 participants worldwide, which makes it it huge. This is the source of visibility any startup needs. Other startups, investors, a lot of journalists, they are all on the hunt of breaking news and the “next thing”.

Secondly, the agenda and list of speakers was awesome. Over 20 different topics on over 30 different industries. How much does it cover. It’s just impossible to have it all, but still, you are able to pick your favourites. And what was most admirable, most of the presenters participated in a discussion, rather than dull one-man show. The dialogue with co-presenter was often much more intriguing.

Thirdly, Slush is mostly focused on the collaborating and gaining ideas. More than 2000 key investors searching for the next breakout startup. This is the event where you get feedback from regular attendees, super experienced investors and other entrepreneurs about your own ideas or product. And that’s the main value of that event.

The theme of the event was really cool as well. Dark space with neon light effects and design elements. It felt like you’re in some night club, rather than conference. And must say, it somehow lighted up some spark and on the other hand loosened people up to be more easier communicative to each other. Enjoyed every minute of it!

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