Agrello Roadmap

This roadmap describes our future plans and steps to reach the end goal of finalizing the development of core technologies and placing them on the market

See below our full Roadmap

August 2017

Delta token

Crowdfunding finished

November - December 2017


Δ Identity

Core digital identity features

Δ Signature

Core digital signature functionality

Δ Contract

Core contract features and contract party management

First integration customer: Blockhive

Quarter 1 2018

Integrated KYC process

Agrello Digital ID Mobile App

Containers for signing documents digitally

APIs for future integrations

Quarter 2 2018

First integrations of Agrello Digital ID

Core Contract Platform MVP

Agrello ID, contracts and core processes powered by Blockchain

Quarter 3 2018

Contract Platform enterprise pilot

Contract Platform closed test with external industry experts

Further Agrello ID integrations

Quarter 4 2018

Contract Platform closed beta testing

Delta operational strategy

Smart Contract tech powered by Blockchain

Enterprise pilot continued


Agrello Marketplace, Delta token model activation

Further enterprise integrations

Certification of Agrello technologies

Advanced AI capabilities

Public launch and regional expansion


Breakeven reached for the end of 2020